Please email clerk@barnegat.net to complain !

After a roadside lunch of Pizza
After a roadside lunch of Pizza
The woodlands / wetlands that border Hillside Ave and also Memorial Drive, are in terrible condition. People have been dumping trash for years and the township does nothing. It needs an intense cleanup. There is just not all the trash on the side of the road, but garbage going back 50 yards. There's even trash in the stream. Everything from paint cans to fast food containers and liquor bottles. Some comes from uncovered garbage cans in the area, but most is just dumped there by people who don't want the trash in their cars.
 There is also trash in the adjacent rain basin, which is totally unneeded. Even during Sandy no water accumulated in it. It is bone dry. It could be made into a park or garden.

This area is a disgrace to Barnegat. Many people use Hillside Ave as a way to connect Rt 9 and W.Bay Ave. And the stream eventually runs into the bay's wetland.

Please contact clerk@barnegat.net and say: "Please cleanup the Hillside Avenue Woods."
Laura May 13, 2014 at 06:56 AM
Citizens are more than welcome to get a bag and cleanup too... The police should be involved. Revenue takes a leap when they start ticketing for Littering. Hellllllo.
Brandy the Dog May 13, 2014 at 08:42 AM
That should pay some taker salary or bennies
I know it sounds "socialist", but perhaps instead of extending unemployment benefits, reactivating CCC, NRA (National Recovery Act, folks...context, context), and WPA would be appropriate. (for those able). 4 days' work - 1 day SCHOOL - Job-training. (Or 3/2 - you pick 'em). Infrastructure sure needs a hand...heck, a lot of what needs fixing in our parks was built under these programs back then.
Again - I'm a fiscal conservative, but a social moderate. Some call that "common sense".


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