OPINION: Stafford Council - Promises Unkept At Our Expense

At the March 18th Council meeting Lori Wyrsch, town councilwoman, made a very unconvincing effort to defend the council’s decision to spend more of the taxpayer’s hard earned money to the tune of $2.3M to build 2 new community centers. 

When questioned about surrounding area's community centers in, as well as out, of Stafford township the response was “they are at near capacity.”  So what does near capacity mean? I would think that anything over 60% could be considered near capacity. 25 groups meet at the Ocean Acres, 35 or so at the Bay Ave, she mentioned.

I question, what are the number of new groups reserving the centers? When I pressed further about the utilizing of the St. Francis community center her comment was "that's on LBI, it’s irrelevant”.  Well correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t shared resources something that this council was big and preached that in their campaign?

I would think that it’s pretty relevant if you’re looking for space to reserve and have a need. There are other locations as well, King of Kings has space, Bayside Chapel has meeting space as well as other local churches locations. If the effort to find and seek out these options were equal to the amount spent on trying to defend spending $2.3M I hardly believe this issue would be raised.

Look at the link that I’ve included, and read each of the council members reasons for running. These were their campaign messages just a few years ago. It’s funny now that they are in office and want to turn their heads from what they promised us. 

It seems those ideas are a thing of the past. How can you discount resources so close to us simply by saying that they are irrelevant? Much like Mrs. Wyrsch’s ramblings there isn’t any substance nor any reasonableness to defend spending $2.3M on 2 new community centers at this time. The council however believes that they are correct and we the taxpayers are wrong.  


 With Taxes rising by 18% and the town in $100M of bond debt, it hardly seems the right time to be building new buildings and spending more money.

Lastly, I questioned if these community centers generate revenue and the answer was yes some due. Again, a question dodged, but do the community centers on Bay Ave or Mill Creek generate revenue because that was my question? Since there are no fees posted on the town’s website I can only assume no. These two centers do not generate revenue. Possibly a lie? You decide. 

So I ask this simple question? If this council’s main purposes for running, were to improve quality of life, reduce taxes, provide a transparent government, share resources with other municipalities AND be Fiscally Responsible how is this possible when again, taxes increasing, the Mayor and his associates are adding significant debt, ignoring other viable local resources and worse ignoring the voices of the residents that live in Stafford? How can you be Fiscally Responsible and continue to spend needlessly? The answer is, you can’t. You can’t make these types of promises and act this way.

To Mayor Spodofora, to your comment that these items always come at the expense of the taxpayer. Don’t you think the taxpayer’s should have a say in what you deem their expense and what isn’t? Especially when it’s $2.3M.

Susan Conway March 22, 2014 at 11:11 PM
Eric Thomas, a/k/a Fred R*********, unfortunately your data regarding me is wholly inaccurate and your promulgation here improper. Would be happy to personally meet with you to explain the facts, dispel the inaccuracies, and demonstrate to you that I did "get to work" as you like to advise me to do. Would also be amenable to meeting you at the bagel shop with the "bagel boys" if you would prefer. You can email me at the town's email to RSVP.
mr henry March 23, 2014 at 08:44 AM
oh boy , another trick Im sure by Moran and the Boys to distract the group from stafford . good job susan and eric whom ever you are.
Ray March 23, 2014 at 10:41 AM
Susan Conway/McCabe. Is it true that you switched parties to get a county job? Is it true that you said that only 20K would be spent to finish the turf field on LS Rd. and it's now up to $60K? Who is going to ride the MC's, bikes and ATV with only 44 Officers? Why buy used bikes? Is it true that the Chief of the BPD makes more then the Governor and moved out of town? How about some straight answers.
anonymous March 23, 2014 at 05:46 PM
To the people who are supposed to represent us------- Let the people vent. Are you really mad at them or yourselves for not being what you set out to be? You have made many mistakes and thought no-one was watching. We were. Now people want to vent their frustration and you have the nerve to act as if you have our best interest in mind. We know when we are being sold a lie and are not as dumb as you may think. We also have more power than you and most people do not know this. But they will because I will keep reminding them just how much power they really do have. Time to proofread you resume. Have a nice day-----anonymous
barnegat resident March 27, 2014 at 12:14 PM
Ray and Eric you are 100% right. The Barnegat Mayor Sue did get at county job and she also working for Ocean County College. She was hired in August 2013. Jerry Dasti is on the board of Ocean County College. The Mayor thank Mr Dasti by voting him and his law firm 3 Barnegat Township jobs. She should of abstain but she didn't. This is all fact and public record. She is a bully and very ruded with the residents of Barnegat.


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