OPINION: Township Council Meeting Wordcrafting

Congratulations go to Mr. Moran and our council again for a stellar performance in regards to the continued saga of the community centers. Mr. Moran, I wonder how you sleep at night knowing how truly deceptive you are in telling again only have truths.

If you really think that FEMA is going to change its’ decision and over rule what the flood carrier has already denied you may want to think again. Once an appeal is filed, FEMA is required to respond within 90 days as to their decision. Keep in mind that the NFIP/Flood carriers/FEMA they are all the same group.

If you do fight this legally, which is what was eluded to on Tuesday evening, that requires a good deal of funds. Is Mr. Connors going to do that work pro-bono for the township? Let’s add those fees to the cost of the buildings. While we are at it, let’s add the fees of those special engineers that were mentioned on Tuesday evening as well. What Mr. Moran basically said, in code of course, is that those engineers are going to help us get this claim approved….wink wink. (Follow the money folks, I am sure there is a connection somehow.) If this is the case, then let’s utilize those same engineers for the rest of the community to fight FEMA collectively. I certainly would love to have them fight my own cause. In fact, we are paying for it through our taxes so why not allow us to have the same access. Furthermore, fighting it legally could take years. Way longer than it will take to build these buildings, so who foots the bill until then? Us Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer. You think you’re going to get a rebate on your taxes should any money ever get recovered? Good Luck.

Mr. Moran, what you failed to mention is that if by chance this denied claim is overturned, the payment could possibly be up to 90% of the building that was there, not 90% of 2 new buildings costing $2.3M. Mr. Moran also stated that we did not meet our excess coverage of $500k

Folks anyway you want to slice this, money is getting ready to be taken from your pocket there is absolutely no doubt about it via tax increases. However Mr. Moran and the council have repeatedly said that this project would be almost paid for with the funds from insurance, grants and our new friend Mr. Baldwin. Sadly that still remains at $390,000, which is slightly shy of the $2.3M estimated, in the council’s world I guess this is what they mean by almost or nearly funded. But don’t worry we’ve bonded it for even more than what the estimate is, so it’s ok.

Mr. Moran continues to use words like, “we hope to”, or “we expect to” or even “we believe”.  I loved how he stated in the Tuesday meeting that what he has stated in the past has been misrepresented and inaccurately presented by, well, folks like me I guess. No Mr. Moran, what has been stated in the past are facts based on what you and the council have stated in prior meetings. You see you can’t have it both ways. You can’t sit up there as the town’s governance and expect everyone to sleep through and not pay attention. Then have you get upset when they call you on the carpet for lying.

You see everyday people like myself live in the world of reality where we consider how much money we make versus how much we can spend. It’s simple math for us, not funny, fuzzy or even shell games. We take our finances seriously, we have to, we live in a town where taxes are skyrocketing, debt to income ratios are increasing and population growth is declining. Worse is that our council refuses to listen to anyone but themselves.

Those are the facts.
Mike Mazzucca April 24, 2014 at 01:55 PM
So let's look at the math, I think we need to look at the numbers to put it all into perspective. We've received $140k. On average, loss recovery has been anywhere from 0% to 25%. The % received has to be about 28% or more because Mr. Moran also stated that we did not meet our excess loss coverage which was $500k. This means the loss has to be a % that when calculated would fall below $500k mark, so mathematically taking the $140k received and divided by the % received 28% gives you $500k exactly. If FEMA gives you 90% of that number, the loss of the old building not new ones, which Mr. Moran “hopes” the twp. will receive, that's only $450k and that amount will be reduced by what the carrier paid out, ($140k) so max amount that could be received would only be $450k, plus what Baldwin gave, $250k now you have a total of $700k that you can possibly get. This all again is predicated on an “if”, according to Mr. Moran. But wait there's more. Between lawyers and Engineers at $100/hr (I wish) we can be assured that those costs would accumulate to $50k easily. $2.3M less $700k plus $50k = $1.65M. How is that even close to being paid for by grants and insurance? The answer, it's not. Who is going to get that bill for the difference, the tax payers are. I can go all day long at this. The facts don’t lie Mr. Moran. Also for the record, cashing that check for $140k will not negate the potential claim, nor disqualify you from appealing the outcome of the claim. Cashing the check does not constitute agreement of the settlement of the claim. They need a signature to do that, my understanding is, that’s the law. The council should strongly consider putting these centers on hold now that they know they can't afford them and wait until there is funding. Needs vs. Wants.
anonymous April 24, 2014 at 10:59 PM
Your guys spell-check must be off its Mr MORON we stopped calling him Moran long ago. hehehehehehe ------anonymous


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