Bengal Theatre Company Presents Holiday Classic

Miracle on 34th Street starts tonight.

It's the holiday story we all know so well.

A white-bearded man who calls himself Kris Kringle takes the job of playing Santa for Macy's after the previous Santa takes in a few too many holiday "spirits," and informs Kringle he is going to be "sleigh sick." 

In a twist, the woman who hires Kris, Doris, wants her daughter to avoid becoming "gullible" and tells her daughter not to believe in Santa. But Kris' insistence that he's the real deal Santa Claus confuses Susan, and starts some conflict between Doris, and her could-be boyfriend, Fred.


This classic tale about holiday cheer and believing in something beautiful, even if it is against society's conventional wisdom, is sure to please audiences of all ages, according to Brendan Keffner, who is with the school's English Department.

Speaking at a dress rehearsal for the production earlier this week, Keffner told Patch that the students have been working on the performance since late October, and if the dress rehearsal was any indication, the students have been hard at work.

"We lost some time with [Sandy], but we are ready," Keffner said. 

The production features extensive set changes, and some great performances by the students (cast list below). 

All performances are conducted in the auditorium at the Barnegat High School, located at 180 Bengal Blvd. in Barnegat. Tickets are $5 general admission.

Miracle on 34th Street Cast List:

Kris Kringle – Justin Weiss
Doris Walker – Olivia Hogan
Fred Gayley – Keith Lee
Susan Walker – Brooke Bilker
Shellhammer – Katrina Calvert & Samantha Hare
Doctor Pierce- Cristy Snover & Sami Schroll
Sawyer – Christopher Faraldi & Collin Paul
Macy – Kyle Zeitler
Bloomingdale – Morgan Golinski & Cailee Weyrick
Judge Harper – Amanda Davies
Halloran – Eve Brescia
Mara – Melanie De Rosa & Tessa Chris
Al – Colleen Anderson
Lou – Matt Nelson  
Duncan – Sara Hlad
Finley – Chris Hoops
Drunk Santa – Joe Platero
Bag Lady – Sally Christensen
Rich Person – Linda McNulty
Sharon’s Parent – Alexa Holler
Foster Mother – Danielle Nahas
Johnny’s Parent – Erin DePaola

Q- Amanda McKeon           
R – Kristen Davies

J-Shannon Bonhard           

Megan Garcia   

W- Briana Negron           

Lauren Platero        

Paige Schweitzer
Z- Christina Massari             


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