Bids Sought for Next Phases of Traders Cove Project

Park should open by spring, but marina enhancements could take longer

The final steps in the process that will turn the former Traders Cove Marina site into a long-promised bayfront park are being taken.

The township council this week approved going out to bid for two phases of the project: one that will turn the present site into a park setting, and another that will complete the enhancements to the marina portion of the site aimed at generating revenue for the township.

Business Administrator Scott Pezarras said the second part of "phase two" of the project will get underway once bids are received and a contract is awarded. That phase includes grasses, trees, shrubbery, irrigation and the final touches to complete the park portion of the site.

The park is expected to be open for spring 2013.

The council also authorized bidding to begin for the marina site improvements at the park, which are expected to cost about $800,000, much of which will be funded through grants.

That portion of the project will include restrooms and amenities for boaters and park visitors, plus some new floating docks.

"By making this a transient boat stop for people up and down the intracoastal, it requires a laundry room, a certain number and bath units and the like," said Pezarras. "That's all included in the grant cost."

The park's position near the northern terminus of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway could make it a popular destination for transient boaters who want to tie up overnight or for a few days. Transient docking is expected to become a moneymaker for the marina.

The bathrooms for the site, which were taken out of a previous plan when the new township council cancelled plans for an accompanying splash park earlier this year, are now most likely going to be located where the old marina resource building stood.

The marina and facility improvements are expected to be completed in time for the 2014 boating season, most likely near the end of 2013, Pezarras said.

As the park stands now, curbing and light supports are in, fencing is being erected, the maintenance building is going up, and light poles are on order, said Pezarras.

4real September 14, 2012 at 07:15 PM
Treasures??? really??? many man many years ago YES not now
Slippery Slope September 18, 2012 at 12:53 PM
said Township Administrator Scott Pezarras. “My father and teachers always told me to leverage, if you can buy things with others people’s money, then do it. This is the reason we are broke. All politicians think like this.
Cappie September 22, 2012 at 08:37 PM
The new Trader's Cove Marina and Park is amazing! A wonderful place to relax, go crabbing, fishing, walk and enjoy the sunshine! AAA+++ to this venture....It is beautiful! I'm looking forward to the completion, I'm looking forward to enjoying the park more and more. Progress toward completion is moving along swiftly! A great place! Thank you Brick!
Lori Morrison September 22, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Went past there today and what I see is a garage half constructed, piles on stone and a bunch of pallets of what looks like cement blocks. JUST FINISH IT.
Frederick John LaVergne for Congress September 22, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Now, everyone - fight nice...If they hadn't done this (and grossly overpaid for it with YOUR money), they couldn't have hired BS engineering and get their campaign dollars back as change. VOTE THEM OUT. Tracy Caprioni and Scott Neuman, "Democratic-Republicans" for Freeholder, will be targeting waste and fraud as a part of their "mission" - as will I. We've already begun the process of civil litigation on several noted boondoggles. Win or lose, this will be exposed...but we prefer to win. Now, the Dems and Republicans tried to block us from "bracketing" on the ballot - we've gone to court, and GUESS WHAT WE DISCOVERED? The Republicans failed to "poll" in their primary. They are not entitled to a ballot line - they can run, but, as they did not file a bracket request, AND they did not meet the requirement for major party status STATE-WIDE - they have to be kicked into the weeds on the right side of the ballot with "NJ WEEDMAN". TIME TO GET ANGRY. TIME TO BE SURE you are REGISTERED - deadline is October 15th, folks. (do it early by one day to be sure they don't close their doors on you) VOTE...whether or not for us...VOTE.


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