MTV Often Chose Seaside, Toms River For Filming Throughout 30 Years of Music Channel

MTV turns 30 today. The 'Jersey Shore' show is here now, but MTV had a presence much earlier than Snooki.

Turns out, MTV has 30 candles on its not-very-musical cake today. The cable television station, once known for setting the pace by furthering the careers of solo Michael Jackson and showing us what an Aerosmith/Run-DMC duet would look like, has aged at 30 years into a reality television topping channel with few videos in rotation.

But while its focus away from music has changed dramatically over the last three decades, MTV's presence in the area has not. Throughout its existence, MTV has set up its cameras on the Jersey Shore.

And we're not just talking about the show actually called "Jersey Shore." There were multiple episodes, series, and summers where MTV filmed in the area.

Here are some of the highlights (lowlights?) as MTV turns the big 3-0.

1985: Bon Jovi filmed the MTV video for the band's 1985 single "In and Out of Love" on the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

1998: MTV's Summer Share spends the hottest months showing off locals' hot dance moves on a sandy parcel along the boardwalk with DJ Skribble spinning hits.

2002: MTV's Shore Thing finds the VJs back at the shore house, where the channel brought us "special episodes of TRL and other shows all season long."

2003: MTV's True Life series follows Toms River resident Anthony Monetti, a bodybuilder, for the "I want the perfect body" episode in Season 4.

2003: MTV's True Life focuses on the "lifestyle" of renting and partying at the Jersey Shore, with its "I Have a Summer Share" filmed in Seaside Heights. Season 4 again.

2004: MTV's True Life couldn't get enough of the topic of following visiting partiers, and in Season 6 focused on three women in a rented Seaside Heights house in its "I'm a Jersey Shore Girl" episode.

2004: MTV focused on the dreams of two Toms River High School North students for episodes of its show "Made," which puts an unlikely story with a life coach and experts to make a dream or goal come true with daily hard work.

2009: Dec. 3, MTV debuts "Jersey Shore" featuring the Seaside Heights exploits of Snooki, DJ Paul D, J-WOWW et al. The cast parties it up, but also makes some pit stops in Toms River and Brick's F-Cove.

2010: MTV's New Year's Eve bash features pre-taped footage from the days before of a Snooki Ball Drop, where Jersey Shore cast member Snooki is lowered like the Times Square ball drop. 

2011: After filming during the summer, Season 3 of "Jersey Shore" airs featuring more of the Seaside Heights drama and partying with the cast from Season 1. First episode of Season 3 airs Jan. 6.

2011: Season 5 of MTV's "Jersey Shore" shacks up again in Seaside Heights. Episodes now filming.

2012: MTV anticipates Season 5 of "Jersey Shore" will begin airing Feb. 2012.

Martin August 02, 2011 at 01:44 AM
The improvements don't mean much when violence and other crimes deter many law-abiding families and other regular customers from setting foot on the boardwalk and beach. Seaside's reputation went downhill fast after Situation and Snooki attracted the wrong crowd. Now the gangs may be looking to Point Beach for turf wars and/or additional innocent victims. This isn't a harsh judgment, just reality. The tight economy and high gas prices may have brought more business here for a while, but the bad news about the reality show's hangers-on has spread nationwide. There are lots of other shore towns without these problems, and most decent people will choose safety over newly painted signs.
Jim George August 02, 2011 at 11:13 AM
I remember back in the 80's, one of the original MTV VJ's, JJ Jackson, was the "grand marshall" of the Toms River Halloween Parade ..
Bobbielyn Harrsch August 12, 2011 at 08:37 AM
Excuse me but as a resident of Seaside for more years than I care to state, but having been here when Bon Jovi filmed, I can tell you every year parts of the boardwalk get replaced, if not the boards, then the fences, the garbage cans or the benches, not just since this show came to town. As for the condo's you speak of they have been in the works since before the show, and in 2009, right after the show started one of the condo's that had been in the works for years fell through, backers backed out, buyers wanted nothing to do with the sleaze of the show. Business owners spending money on upgrades? Gee you mean the ones that purchased the properties, made the money to pay back loans and saved to do things right?????? For a motel in this town to turn enough of a profit to make significant repairs/ upgrades it takes between 8 to 10 years of hard work. for a store opening in Seaside to be able to do so you figure if it does not fail ( being a new store) or lose customers (being an older store) 2 years to pay off loans 2 years to save the money for renovations. Or are you talking about new restaurant? lets see in 5 years there were 5 different ones in the same location, none made it a full year. So before you go thinking that the show has saved the economy realize the truth it takes time to have the money to reinvest in a property.
gracie allen August 20, 2011 at 01:53 AM
Aren't they getting a little 'old' for this stuff? Next stop - Dr. Drew's rehab show! :-)
Steve Domanski September 03, 2011 at 11:40 PM
"Lipstick on a pig" All the fresh paint,new signs do not make the town.It's the people !!!And by the looks,and sounds of it SSH,needs alot more then fresh paint !!!!


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