Car Concierge Plus, LLC announces its opening to aid the residents of NJ in the car buying and leasing process. Buying or leasing a car should be a joyful and exciting experience. Unfortunately, for most people the process is no fun at all, what with the hours of research, multiple dealer visits, comparing prices, endless negotiating, countless pressure tactics, and in the end, still wondering if you got a good deal.

Car Concierge Plus is a personal, individually-run consulting business that locates, negotiates, and delivers extremely competitive prices on all types of cars and trucks for clients, new or  ​pre-owned. Through extensive knowledge of auto sales, the stress is taken out of the car-buying experience and provides significant savings of both time and money.

Car Concierge Plus is owned and operated by Tom Paolella of Middletown, NJ. Paolella founded Car Concierge Plus after hearing too many harrowing stories from friends and family about their car buying experiences. As a global communications and public relations professional, he has worked with some of the world's largest car companies and leverages numerous personal relationships with auto dealers throughout the state of NJ. Paolella has personally negotiated dozens of auto purchases, leases, and trades and is considered a top negotiator in the car buying and leasing process.

“Over the years, I have watched far too many buyers pay way more money than they needed to because they were out-negotiated by the dealerships,” says Tom Paolella. “Recognizing the disadvantage and frustration that most buyers have when negotiating their own deal, I realized that there was a tremendous need for today’s buyer to have their own expert negotiator. My mission is to be a true advocate on behalf of my clients and to level the playing field between dealers and buyers. Most importantly, loyalty, trust, and results are at the heart of every service I provide.”

Car Concierge Plus is geared towards clients of all types but generally falls under one of these categories:

·        I'm capable of negotiating a good deal for myself, but would rather not deal with the process.

·        I dislike the entire process of buying a car and would like someone I can trust to do it for me.

·        I don't know enough about a car negotiation to be able to intelligently negotiate my own deal.

·        I am extremely busy with work/family, and spending countless hours researching/visiting dealerships is not good use of my time.

And no one knows the benefits of Car Concierge Plus more than Len and Adele Ruggieri of Lincroft, NJ. The husband and wife first heard of Car Concierge Plus at a fourth of July barbecue and were intrigued by the business concept. “I admit I was a bit skeptical at first when first hearing about this unique service, but Tom personally facilitated the entire process from that of an exhausting and frustrating experience in dealing with various dealers, to that of a Monday morning quarterback,” says Len Ruggieri.  “We had 14 months left on our leased car and Tom was able to get us out of the vehicle without it costing us a penny and into our new Subaru. We’re thoroughly enjoying our new car and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service to anyone in the process of getting a new or pre-owned vehicle. Life is beautiful, especially when others do the work for you!”

For more information and for a free consultation contact Tom Paolella at (848) 203-7596 or CarConciergePlus@gmail.com. Be sure to visit Car Concierge Plus on the web at www.CarConciergePlus.com to learn about pricing and to read testimonials from satisfied clients. Also be sure to “Like” Car Concierge, LLC on Facebook. 


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