CJM Tax & Accounting Services

Most business owners who have decided to work for themselves realized early on the amount of hard work and commitment it takes to be a business owner in today’s economic climate. Despite the challenges they still sought out their vision and dream of being and doing what they enjoy. They spend numerous hours per day running their business to try and make it successful, to give them an edge over their competition.  Trying to balance marketing, client requests, or dealing with the normal aspects of their business. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established organization the dream and vision is the same, grow the business through hard work and dedication and the payoff is success.  Regardless if it's fast food, construction or selling their products at the end of the 10 or 11 hour day  no one wants to go home or back to the office and do accounting or pay bills or worse deal with managing the financial aspect of the business. Whether you are a quick books expert, or novice to your business, it still stings to have to handle these functions. Many question whether the right decision was made to even go down the road of ownership.

This is where CJM Tax & Accounting Services plays a major part. CJM has over 50+ years of combined experience in accounting, finance and taxes. From serving as CFO’s, Executives and Board members for major organizations to establishing start-ups and even not for profits, CJM was established to help business owners achieve success by helping them make their vision a reality.

CJM’s core competencies are simply, provide back office support so owners can focus on growing their business. From simple bookkeeping services to serving as a business counselor or board member CJM can provide services based on years of hands on experience and true bottom line results. Need assistance negotiating a bank loan? CJM can provide guidance. Trying to determine what your backlog is of work? CJM can help establish a mechanism or process to help you understand your business so that you can be more effective, and most importantly more profitable. To CJM, your business is as much important to us as it is you. Every client is handled as if they are the only client and CJM is the owner. Hands on, and always engaged.

Whether you’re considering starting a business or are already established, call me, Michael Mazzucca for a consultation so we can discuss your needs. (704) 564-5541.


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