WEEKEND WEATHER: Lots of Sunshine Ahead!

Meteorologist: The beautiful mild-weather weekend will give way to a "progressively hotter" week; just watch for the wind on the beach bringing the possibility of rip currents.

National Weather Service meteorologists are promising another gorgeous weekend, made to order for Father's Day and, for most kids in the area, just in time for their first weekend of the summer break.

Both Saturday and Sunday will be mostly sunny, with the highs in the 70s inland, slightly lower along the shore.

"It's going to be cooler along the beaches, with the wind coming right off the ocean," said meteorologist Anthony Gigi.

It will still be fair swimming weather, Gigi said, with water temperatures in the upper 60s uncharacteritsically high for this time of the year, though beachgoers should mind the wind.

"The only problem is with the onshore winds, the rip current risk is probably going to be a little higher than avreage," Gigi said. 

As for next week, the temperatures are expected to be on the rise, hitting the 90s inland by Wednesday or Thursday, 80s along the coast.

"It is going to get progressively hotter as we go along," Gigi said. "Anyone who his going to spend a week at the shore is going to like it."



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