Tourism Officials: 'Stronger than Storm' Ads Came Too Late to Help

Tourism officials urge state to start marketing now for this summer

Credit: Kevin Shea
Credit: Kevin Shea

Tourism promoters say the state's advertising campaign to let people know the Jersey shore was open for business this year was good, but came too late to save the summer, according to an Associated Press article posted on nj.com.

Representatives of tourism and business agencies told a state Assembly committee Thursday that New Jersey needs to have a new tourism campaign ready within a few weeks if it wants to prevent next summer from being affected.

Numerous tourism officials all said they liked New Jersey's "Stronger Than The Storm" ads, featuring Gov. Chris Christie. But they all said the Memorial Day weekend debut was way too late to help drive new traffic to the shore last summer.

"We needed to get the message out in January and February that the shore was open for business," said Sharon Franz, president of the New Jersey Travel Industry Association. "That's the time when our customers make their vacation plans."

John B Taxpayer December 14, 2013 at 06:13 AM
They came right on time to Help Christie with Free self Promotion prior to the election! What ya talking about? If we are so much Stronger than the storm why are there so many un-repaired un-inhabited homes, I'm both Monmouth and Ocean Counties. We Know why they fixed the State revenue makers and pissed on the homeowners like a fire hydrant. They compensated the Towns for the lost tax revenues to shut them up (Like Tom's River, Brick and Manahawkin) Yet, drive rt. 35 from Mantaloking to Seaside and it's as bad as the Obamacare rollout! Please Chris, prepare for 2016, America needs another RINO to get slaughtered. There's a difference between Leading and "Governing" a Leader would have taken care of Everybody. To "Govern" takes care of some make a hero of themselves and leaves the rest behind! You Chris Christi, Govern, you don't lead....


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