I don't think sending addicts to jail is the answer unless they commit a serious crime.  They are products of this nasty drug generation and need treatment,  We have to find a way to stop this insane habit.  God help the families of these young people who are beloved children of upstanding citizens.  A lot of hearts are broken because of one stupid mistake in wrong company.
Walter Hawkes December 10, 2013 at 06:36 AM
With the proper nuturing, and parental support, these kids would be naturally drug resistant.... I do not believe you can blame the kids in general for what is a result of lacking parenting skills. How may of these kids grew up witmom and dad drinking, and or smokin..... So naturally, even if told it is wrong, kids Learn by example.... Old saying... You need a license to hunt and drive... But not to raise a responsible adult? Do not get me wrong here, most parents do a grand job.... But there are some real losers out there, and the results are what you would expect... Love, support, nuturing, the occasional hug... All go a long way in the fight against stupidity and drugs.....


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