Reader Asks: Will Barnegat School Board Cut Middle School Sports?

Is it true that the Barnegat School Board is going to cut all sports from the Middle School?


Homegrown February 20, 2014 at 04:03 PM
If true, which personally I do not know either way, it could be a great mistake. My fear does not stem from loss of sports, but loss of extracurricular programs available to children. In my mind any cut to programs for students whether it is sports, music, or arts is detrimental. Programs such as these teach children time management skills, involvement in diverse interests, long term commitments, self esteem, relationship skills and more. I am a product of the Barnegat school system and 15+ years later maintain relationships with coaches and teachers I met through these programs who I consider mentors and today friends. I'm ever grateful for those experiences and how they helped mold me into the individual I am today.
Harley February 20, 2014 at 04:04 PM
Mrs. Caputo, why are you trying to start rumors? You know this is NOT TRUE! If you were at the school board meeting last night, you would have know that there are no cuts to sports, middle school or elsewhere!
Avenging Angel February 20, 2014 at 04:07 PM
If parents want their children in after school programs let them pay for their own kids rather than foist the cost off on the shoulders of the taxpayers at large.
Jacqueline Ferrara February 20, 2014 at 05:49 PM
Back in the day if we wanted to be in sports younger than high school, we paid to be in town activities and the school was not our babysitter.
Drivingtoofar February 20, 2014 at 06:21 PM
Really pay for themselves? We can pay over $100k for each cop. We will need more to stop the crime caused by bored misguided youth. West Barnegat and their sudden lack of need for education will cause things to get worse here
barnegat resident February 20, 2014 at 06:57 PM
Enough with the rumors Dee Caputo. Please get a life.
frankresident1 February 20, 2014 at 10:22 PM
I hope it is a rumor. We have no after school busing other towns do. Seems like things are always taken away instead of added. I have a school teacher of Barnegat lives right next door and all she does is rip apart the school system in Barnegat and how she has to move her children to Manahawkin to get them away from the Barnegat school system. Maybe we could use her annual pay since she clearly has no respect for where she works. Sad if even the faculty does not believe in their schools. Pay for the sports.. really??? You must not have children or they just do not get involved. The sports represent the school as well not just the kids. Besides you should promote positive activity to everyone. It also contributes to a well rounded person as well as their future. I pay ten thousand a year in taxes, one of many. Most of which is for the school system so when you say pay instead of put on the hands of others I feel I pay my child's way in sports hands down! I wish we still transported to the Regional school. So much more offered in all areas. No one is held accountable for what they say or do in the Barnegat school system. It is really sad. It would be nice to actually see someone that is on the payroll in Barnegat make a change in a positive way. Instead of just pass go and collect. I always felt positive about Barnegat and the schools, regardless of how bad people rip it apart. I unfortunately now am like many who see things very different. I agree with you completely drivingtoofar!
Concerned parent in Barnegat February 21, 2014 at 06:43 AM
Why when cuts are discussed does it always come down to things that directly affect the students? How about cutting from the top for once? For example, a business administrator whose salary is $118,000 a year and they hire a secretary for her the same year they cut educational aides in the classroom that work directly with the children who need the most support? Something stinks.
Dee Caputo February 21, 2014 at 09:21 AM
Harley, A text blast was sent out to a lot of parents who have children that participate in sports with this comment. Why do you think there were so many parents at this meeting? I only asked a question !!
Harley February 21, 2014 at 10:22 AM
Was the text blast from the school? Or just another rumor being sent around?
Eric Thomas February 21, 2014 at 10:35 AM
BOOKS BEFORE BENGALS. If cuts do need to be made, sports should be at the top of the list and first to go. I have no problem paying for children to learn. But I will be damned if they are going to dig deeper into my pocket to fund sports programs. You want your child to have sports - YOU pay for it. BTW, why, in the name of all that's holy, should the Barnegat school district have a funding crisis? There are around 3100 students. Where does it all go, Mrs. Wood??? BOOKS BEFORE BENGALS!
Dee Caputo February 21, 2014 at 11:37 AM
Harley . the text was not sent from the school. It was sent to coaches and parents who have children involved in sports. Look how well our football and Jr Bengal cheerleaders did last year. Nice recognition for the town. Eric, excellent question why don't you ask our current school board president "WHERE THE MONEY GOES?"
Bill Cox February 21, 2014 at 03:10 PM
@frankresident1, be aware that there are after school buses provided at the High School @ 3:00 and at the Middle School @ 3:45.
barnegat resident February 22, 2014 at 10:57 AM
Dee, you are so negative you really need to get a life. You started the rumors and lies. Now you are attacking someone else. I was at that meeting and there was not one negative comment. 90 % was staffs and 10 % parents. Both the staffs and the parents thank the 9 member board for working with them and doing the right thing for the student. No one is prefect so stop trying to create a problem. 9 board members, 9 votes! Susan is right. Dee go out and enjoy this beautiful weather and think positive thoughts.
frankresident1 February 22, 2014 at 08:58 PM
@ Bill Cox- yes that's it. Look at all the other schools and yet our taxes are higher. My child can not even take the bus as well as several of the other kids we know because there is NO ROOM on them. We are not even running sufficient buses in the morning time to get them there. You have no idea!
frankresident1 February 22, 2014 at 09:10 PM
You realize a lot of these children are going to college now because of the scholarships they are able to receive based on them playing sports right?? That is huge! More children in Barnegat going to college than ever before. Changing, the grow up in Barnegat and just be a drunken carpenter image!There is a number of teachers on the payroll who should not even be there. Use that money. i do not get to choose that MY money pays for terrible faculty!!!
barnegat resident February 23, 2014 at 09:45 AM
@Frankresident1- I am not trying to be disrespectful but if the bussing is a problem for your child and other kids did you reach out to the Transportation dept? If that neighbor (faculty) is Constantly complaining about the school district then maybe she should bring it to the superintendent attention or get another job. 4 of my children went though the school system and 1 is stay in it. When I have/had a problem I would go to the source. I would not bash the school system. I would talk to them and show them that it was a problem . They would work to fix it. You can not please everyone or make everyone happy, but we can work together to try to make it the best. :)
frankresident1 February 24, 2014 at 07:53 AM
@barnegat resident- you mean like you are bashing DEE Caputo on this site? maybe you should go to the source instead. Please. Its not bashing if it is the truth. And yes it has been brought to the school attention time & time again, like other corrupt situations as well. NO, that is your answer no, they do not want to do anything. I am not the one getting paid to oversee the trouble. There are many however that are on the payroll that should be the one seeing & correcting the problems. In my position I as well as my partners are the responsible ones for maintaining or correcting our company troubles. Just as the transportation dept., the bus drivers, the superintendent need to do their job as well. As for the neighbor I have no say in what she does. Why would she get another job she has tenure, part time work, summers off, great benefits, off every other day. A week off for convention (aka teachers hang home for the week). A great position in a system where no one is held accountable for what they do. She is obviously not an asset but maybe just the first three letters of that word. She is an embarrassment to her position.
barnegat resident February 24, 2014 at 08:11 AM
@frankresident1-I am not bashing Caputo. She started a rumor and as usually she never called the source and I NEVER STATED THAT YOU WERE BASHING THE SCHOOL. Read my statement again. I stated I would not bash the school system. I am just given you what I have done to correct a problem that I had. If no one is listening to you from the school district then maybe you should try to send a letter to the board members. I am just trying to help you or suggest a solution to your problem. I hope you can get them to listen. You are 100% right with your neighbor (teacher). I am just sick of hearing some people constantly adding lies and rumors (Caputo)just to get people to react in a negative manner. I wish you luck. I have to take my kid to school.:)
it could be me February 24, 2014 at 12:09 PM
I am a big supporter of Middle/HS sports programs. Saying that we all must remember that education is always first. Lets forget all this BS and rumors , let teachers teach, coaches coach, and parents, parent.
Joan Helle-Fasolo February 24, 2014 at 09:20 PM
I'm sorry, but I must have missed where the "text blast" came from? Who sent the text? Where did it come from? I get who it was sent to...
Bill Cox February 26, 2014 at 03:27 PM
@frankresident1 - I am not sure if you have your facts straight. Allow me to inform you that I do have some idea, see I am the Transportation Coordinator for Barnegat Schools and have been for the last 6 years. During that time my department has climbed the efficiency ratings posted by the state DOE to where we are now in the top 10 out of over 400+ school districts in the state and the 3rd highest rated in Ocean County. I am not sure who your child is or these other children you speak of who don't have enough room on their bus but if that is the case I would love to be aware of the situation. Feel free to contact me at my office 609-698-5816. No parent in this district has ever called me and complained that there was no seat on the bus their child is assigned, ever. I assure you if that is true I will correct it immediately, but since I am the one responsible for assigning the number of students to each bus I find it hard to believe.
Bill Cox February 26, 2014 at 03:31 PM
If you are interested here is the NJDOE Efficiency Ratings for 2013 SY. http://www.state.nj.us/education/guide/2013/trans.pdf
Fox Watcher February 26, 2014 at 03:40 PM
I find it disgraceful how people fabricate stories and start rumors on all types of social media. I have seen good, honest and hardworking people attacked with lies and rumors yet the people that are doing the attacking have done nothing to help or improve this town. If you dont walk in their shoes dont judge! It amazes me how so many tell others how to do their jobs. When will it stop? Be part of the solution not the problem!
sweethomebarnegat February 26, 2014 at 05:42 PM
@ bill cox what exactly are effiency ratings....if you are talking about transportation/security whatever u do ... I know many kids in town who have no room on the bus for after school sports. I am not a parent of a high schooler but have heard many complain. Also I'm sure those ratings are lower considering most of the elementary kids have to walk. I will not allow my child to walk in today's society. Also many other districts provide bussing for all students...including before care/after care . Barnegat provides the most minimal transportation for our kids. But as long as the ratings are good I guess that's all that matters. I think you should focus on transportation instead of worrying about other peoples positions in the schools...along with that horrific board president.
Bill Cox February 27, 2014 at 07:07 AM
@Laura since you asked here is your answer:http://www.nj.gov/education/finance/transportation/efficiency/calc.shtml
Concerned parent in Barnegat February 27, 2014 at 07:07 AM
@frankresident...please don't comment if you don't know the facts. Obviously, you aren't a teacher or related to any teachers or you would know that teachers do not work part time. They work a full day and then come home to do lesson plans, correct papers, etc...in long run, possibly more hours than you or you partners. Secondly, Teachers Convention is only 2 days and that is all they are off for. Teachers do not have "every other day off". Total exaggeration. Lets keep to the facts and stop teacher bashing unless you think you could do a better job for what they get paid and the lack of support they receive especially in regards to the added pressure of student standardized test performance. Many students don't do homework or don't have parents who are even home when they get home. Schools are like daycare centers in many people's eyes. I'm fairly certain you wouldn't even have a job if you didn't have decent teachers who were personally vested in your success so lets show some respect and appreciation. The job is not getting any easier from what I understand.
Bill Cox February 27, 2014 at 07:18 AM
@Laura and others, I would suggest you read the law when referring to what we are allowed to provide. This is not a pick and choose thing when it comes to transportation. Our district carefully reviewed every aspect of the town's transportation needs a few years back and we had to "eliminate" all courtesy buses. Those changes were instituted under the past Superintendent and 3 Board President's ago. This is NOT a new issue.http://www.state.nj.us/education/parents/transportation.htm
frankresident1 March 05, 2014 at 10:36 PM
Incorrect. I apologize that the truth hurts. Facts are facts. @concernedparent.... You should be, Barnegat system is ridiculous.
frankresident1 March 05, 2014 at 10:40 PM
@billcox- ride the bus. Not one, all of them!


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