Close BL England/Wise Alternatives

The BL England plant was a peak operation plant operating 30-40 days/ year when it burned coal. Now SJ Gas and its political connections wants to supply it with a Fracked gas pipeline from the Marcellus Shales allowing it to operate 24/7/365.
 The dangerous effects from this scheme are all connected:1.The emissions of Ultrafine Particles will harm our health locally in their ability to penetrate the deepest level of lungs and blood vessels.2. Fracking chemicals contaminate the drinking water of people living in Pennsylvania. Unless fracking is stopped our  Aquifers will also become contaminated.3. As green house gases increase, global warming accelerates, glaciers are rapidly melting, sea level is rising,hurricanes will intensify.4.The frequent explosions of gas pipelines such as the most recent (3/4/2014) outside Trenton with its accompanying death & destruction. http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=22771214&ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F       

The health consequences are so significant for the toxic emissions from burning Fracked gas that energy conservation must be instituted immediately. Some obvious places to begin are:
1. Requiring energy efficient home construction, not McMansions2.Requiring high efficiency AC,3. Fans  after the sun goes down instead of AC,  4.Using the electricity from the grid rather then allowing BL England to operate is the most obvious solution. It might not be healthy for communities in the Midwest if the energy comes from fossil fuels but it would help recruit more people in the fight for renewable energy nationally.
With more aware people we could force our government to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry and start helping the renewables to be developed.  Then America would be restored as the world's technological powerhouse and real jobs paying real salaries would return to our country.


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