OPINION: Dilapidated Homes and Properties in Barnegat

What is this township doing about all of the run down homes and overgrown/trashy properties?  There are Twp. ordinances and it does not seem like the Twp. is doing ANYTHING at all to either secure, clean up or penalize the property owners.

Go down Barnegat Blvd. towards Settlers and on both sides of the road there are homes/properties that are in total disrepair - AND have been that way for a LONG time.  It's revolting to drive past these properties daily seeing that the Twp. has done NOTHING to help preserve property values for those of us who work hard to keep our homes/properties clean AND take PRIDE in ownership.

i mean, there's houses with abandoned dilapidated vehicles in driveways or more so, on the side lawns of the property, there's homes with blue tarps covering the roof (been like that for a few yrs now), there's homes that are ABANDONED completely with trashed yards, homes with gutters or garage doors falling off, homes with fences falling down or those that have been graffitti'd....

Turn onto Village Drive - same thing as noted above on Barnegat Blvd, there are some houses that are really a mess, smashed cars in driveways that have not been moved in years, busted garage doors, trash strewn properties etc... What about the abandoned house on Starboard with smashed out upper windows and wood over some others?  What's being done about that?  That house has been that way for nearly 3 years now.

REALLY????  What is the Mayor and this Twp. doing about CLEANING HOUSE? 

What about Twp. Ordinances:
36 - Brush, weeds, obnoxious growth
38 - Buildings Unfit
48 - Garbage, Rubbish, Refuse
55c - Anti-Litter
63 - Property Maintenance
63b - Rental Properties
70b - Litter Control
71a - Vehicles, Parking Restrictions Residential areas
72 - Vehicles Unlicensed and Licensed
I mean, the above is all right here:


- why have Ordinances if the Twp. Is not going to enforce?? 

Drive through anywhere in Settlers and there are some really dilapidated properties of which the Twp. should be levying fines against the homeowners, Bank Owned lots or rental property owners.  Why do we need to see trash strewn about, overgrown properties and houses with vehicles that are surely abandoned in the driveways (or parked in grass on sides of houses)?  These are not hobby or project cars, they are cars that have not been moved in years, smashed, dirty and rotting...  Isn't that a LIABILITY?

Property owners who keep their yards, home and overall property in good shape have to live next door to those that are devaluing others.

The Twp. should penalize those with dilapidated homes/properties by RAISING THEIR TAXES and LOWERING the taxes of those who DO keep their homes/properties in excellent shape.  

Why are we continually paying higher and higher property taxes each year when in fact:

1) Surrounding properties in poor shape are hurting our property values.
2) Economy has devalued actual property values.
3) Twp. Of Barnegat has not improved ANY services for the townspeople and there's absolutely NO ratables to entice new business OR keep property values stable. 
4) Still NO Grocery Store at all.

PLEASE - Twp. Committee, the Mayor and others on the Mayors Team, take a drive and look around.  You wonder why there are so many for sale signs....and why the towns people are really getting disgusted.

Brandy the Dog April 23, 2014 at 10:57 PM
does the Gestapo know...
karen April 25, 2014 at 09:50 PM
How long do people get to have FEMA trailers in their yard? My neighbors are using one as a shed, full of nothing but crap. It has to go!!! If you have the answer to this please let me know. These people didn't even have any flood damage!
Brandy the Dog April 25, 2014 at 10:00 PM
FEMA approved...
Who's That April 29, 2014 at 09:41 PM
Any updates regarding the "drive by" w/ Code Enforcement?
Cosmo Kramer May 16, 2014 at 03:30 PM
Of course there is no update... And the lawns get longer and longer, and the trash piles higher and higher....


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