Help Request: Food for Alabama Power

Neighbor asks for any assistance residents can offer in providing hospitality and hot food to the out-of-state crews restoring Fair Haven power

A note asking for assistance from Fair Haven resident Brian Drazin:

Dear Neighbors,

Alabama power workers and other out of state workers have tirelessly worked to restore our power and are making great strides to solve our problems.

You may have noticed their trucks coordinating out of Fair Haven Fields. Heather Heard and a small group have been trying out of the goodness of their hearts to provide hot meals to them over the last two days.

These guys deserve our hospitality. PLEASE join us at the snack bar facility any time tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 11, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to help provide lunch to these out of state workers!!!

Bob Sickles is sending over soup and other hot items. We need paper or plastic utensils and plates, fresh burgers, hot dogs and rolls and/or baked goods or anything hot! A propane grill would help.

Anything ... even cash to get food from Sickles, Brennans and other eateries. I know there are competing demands tomorrow but we need you.

PLEASE HELP!! I will be up early to help coordinate and would appreciate email response or phone calls to 732-673-1233. THANKS!!!


Brian Drazin


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