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Letter: Vote "No" on December 15

Resident says project unclear

Letter to the editor as submitted by resident Nels Luthman:

The Toms River Fire District 1 is holding a on December 15th that they do not want the taxpayers to know about.  There will be no sample ballots, little public notice and only one polling place open (the Toms River Fire Company #2 on West Water St.).

The special election is to appropriate $1,022,000 in the 2012 budget for the purchase of two lots on the corner of Hadley and Hooper Ave.  This property will be used to build a new mega town owned fire house which will replace the two volunteer owned fire houses downtown.

Listed below are reasons why they are afraid to let the taxpayers of Toms River know about this special election:

1) The $1,022,000 in surplus needed to buy this property could be used to lower the fire tax in these economic hard times.

2) This is only the first of two special elections planned.  The second one is for the building.  The say they don't know what it will cost.  How do you start a project without knowing the total cost?  Either you know and do not want the public to know or you don't which is even worse.  Most modern fire houses cost at least $8 million to build.

3) Lastly the Fire Commissioners will own the building instead of the volunteer firefighters making it much easier to get rid of the volunteers and turn it into a paid fire company.

Nels W. Luthman Jr.

SB Girl December 14, 2011 at 01:45 PM
How did the barrier island get into Fire District 1 in the first place? I'll tell you how...the township thinks all the people on the barrier island are rich (not true) and have deep pockets!! The township has been raping the people on the island since the 50's and now it's time for all of us to gather together and vote this DOWN!!
John V December 14, 2011 at 03:40 PM
So True SB Girl....though I question that the residents of the barrier island are going to come and even vote though....After all, you guys sure didn't object when these same fire comisioners put up that HUGE firehouse in Ocean Beach...Now THAT was a waste of money just like this firehouse on the mainland is going to be... And why did Ocean Beach even need a new firehouse, its not like you even have any firefighters there for that huge house. Most of the time you'll get Seaside Heights to come out if your lucky and they're not busy and they might be able to save your foundation.
SB Girl December 14, 2011 at 03:54 PM
All that might be true...but the firehouse was there when I bought my house in the 80's...so don't blame me...and besides, we should get something for our tax $$...Just another reason the entire barrier island should become its own town and leave Toms River and Brick in the dust...they do NOTHING for us but pick up garbage and provide police protection...we could do that on our own for a LOT LESS $$
John V December 14, 2011 at 04:02 PM
That firehouse was not there in the 1980s ...Its very recent. In fact they used to keep the ladder truck in a garage in Ortley Beach since it couldn't fit in the old firehouse. But I agree that you don't get your $$ worth out there. Actually the Beach is the perfect place for a PAID fire department since with the exception of Seaside Heights and Point Pleasant the other small towns barely have fire protection. Toms River, Brick, Mantoloking, Bay Head, Seaside Park and Lavalette obviously do not care if every home on the island burned down since none of them have an adequate number of firemen for the firehouses out there. Time to have a PAID department at least for the Island.
Mr. ? December 14, 2011 at 04:20 PM
Right on Reynolds! So well said. Those are the issues whether stated by the democrats or whom ever, and I know of many R's who have "bellyached" about these issues. So I am laughing WITH you Reynolds and laughing AT Frankyandstein! As always "they"(the Repub operatives, ha!) turn it into a political spin and do not address the issues. As always "they" then want you to think those concerns are not valid since the D's lose the election. How sad and how.....fill in the blanks


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