McGuckin Pushes for Improved Storm Response

Assemblyman introduces Reliability, Preparedness and Storm Response Act

Column as submitted by the office of Assemblyman Greg McGuckin:

Assembly Republicans Gregory McGuckin, Scott T. Rumana and Donna Simon will introduce the “Reliability, Preparedness and Storm Response Act of 2012” to help ensure the power stays on in homes and businesses when disaster strikes.

 “Last year’s storms proved that some electric companies were not prepared to keep the power on for homes and businesses,” Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin, R-Ocean, said. “Our plan will ensure they are better prepared to respond and communicate with customers during challenging conditions. Electric companies will be accountable to ratepayers, or pay the price.”

The measure, proposed last week by Governor Christie after last year’s outages caused by Hurricane Irene and an October snowstorm, requires utilities to submit plans addressing service reliability, communications and flooding of substations. The legislation would impose greater oversight by the state Board of Public Utilities.

“The first job for a public utility is to make sure that power, a basic necessity for families and businesses, stays on,” Assembly Republican Whip Scott T. Rumana, R-Passaic, Bergen, Essex and Morris, said. “Our plan reflects New Jersey’s commitment to protect ratepayers and work with utilities to improve the kind of response we experienced last year.”

The legislation would impose severe fines – which cannot be passed through to ratepayers – against electric companies that don’t comply.

“For many homeowners, last year’s storms packed a triple punch: the storm, the outage and then days of broken promises and inaccurate information that their power would be turned back on,” Assemblywoman Donna Simon, R-Hunterdon, Somerset, Mercer and Middlesex, said. “Although nature is unpredictable, we can improve preparedness and hold electric companies accountable to the families and businesses they serve.”

The legislation, which will be formally introduced this month, will also be sponsored by Assembly Republicans Erik Peterson, R-Hunterdon, Warren and Somerset, and Amy H. Handlin, R-Monmouth.

the phantom September 15, 2012 at 11:45 PM
Did you pay your taxes yet moron. Another stupid idea by a Gilmore crony
Walso September 15, 2012 at 11:53 PM
LMAO. Very old news. He is an NJ State Assemblyman now and you are a troll posting on a forum. That tax thing had no leg's , cause look at where he is now.
SB Girl September 16, 2012 at 11:25 AM
How about doing something that informs the public of what is going on during a storm? Toms River did a pitiful job during Irene...after the reverse 911 call to tell people to evacuate, we heard nothing...isn't that what the Emergency Management group is supposed to do? If it wasn't for Chief Mastronardy answering calls while he was out of town, we wouldn't have had any idea of what was going on and when we could go back...In Barnegat, where I evacuated to, I had emails coming every couple of hours with updates as to what areas to avoid, what was going on, where the emergency shelters were. Granted, if your power is out and you don't have a smart phone, email wouldn't help...but reverse 911 messages would get through to those who still have land lines or working cell phones.
. September 16, 2012 at 11:47 AM
Last year, they advised us how we must have batteries and a radio, but WOBM, which is the local station gave no information at all. When you are without power, you can't find out anything if the radio station gives no information.
Project Bluebeam September 16, 2012 at 08:59 PM
WOBM was horrible after Irene. All I heard was music. I got more info from NJ 101.5 and WCBS in NY. I can remember back in the 70's when they gave comprehensive coverage during and after storms.


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