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Politicians get rich while we all starve

America has shipped almost all manufacturing jobs over seas, there's no way a country can sustain itself if it doesn't produce products for the rest of the world to buy. Personal Taxes keep going up to make up for all the lost revenue and taxes that business should be paying, and the few money making industries left in America (GE, Google, Facebook) pay little if no taxes what so ever on the billions they make off of us hard working Americans. And that's if your lucky to even have a job these days that pay more than $15 an hour. Politicians are modern day Kings and Queens while the peasants lose more money, rights, and a future. I have a lot more to rant about, I'm sure most people will agree with me, where in serious trouble. God bless everyone.
Could use your help on the road to DC...and your input. Naturally, your vote. Fred.
anonymous May 04, 2014 at 12:47 PM
Join us on May 16th ----anonymous http://youtu.be/_Kz0xSVfugg
Message me privately - upholdtheconstitution@hotmail.com....I think you will love what we're up to, as well.


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