Sandy Recovery - Biased & Discrminatory


Mr. Governor, glad to see you will continue to go to Sayreville where you get warm receptions, also glad to know that when you do go you allow people to have a Q&A time. Wish you could do the same for Stafford township where people are still not in their homes. Glad to know that 120 homes have been purchased from the 196 offers made. Have you taken a ride through Mill Creek or Beach Haven West in Stafford Township? No I guess not, their not low income areas. It's truly sad that grants, loans and continued funding are available to certain groups of people while hard working middle class families remain displaced, on the verge of losing their own homes. I think it's truly sad that programs provided through the state and county tout that they are not income driven but demand financial information such as tax returns and bank statements. I think it's truly sad that people are put on waiting lists and then awarded monies via a lottery system again driven by basis of income, further delaying and providing for low income families. Mr. Governor how is it that Newark is awarded $6M out of Sandy funds? Mr. Governor, how is it that you've made no effort to attack the insurance companies for wrongful denial of claims? How is that a man I believe in Toms River is charged with Insurance fraud for falsifying his shed as being damaged during the storm but yet no charges have been made against flood carriers for fraudulent policies of covering insured's and then denying legitimate claims? No worries Mr. governor, I already have the answer to all these. It's because that over 12% of all political donations come from the Insurance, Banking and Legal Industry and that equates to somewhere around $335M dollars and that's just in one year. That's one of the largest contributors to political parties. So what it comes down to is that you would rather sell out the residents of your own state for $300M or $400M that they'll contribute to politicians. That you would rather not commit political suicide by upsetting the major contributors to political campaigns. Don't worry Mr. governor, I know you're not alone. I know that regardless of what party "you politicians" are associated with you all think alike. You can share the blame with your friends across the aisle, they refuse to do it as well. As I said in Toms River to Mr. Sweeney, guilt by association because you all refuse to do what's right, fair and just for "everyone" not just the lower income families.

anonymous April 07, 2014 at 10:42 PM
So sad that it is so true.


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