Screwed by Sandy bureaucrats?

Now is your chance to speak up!  ---   The post-Sandy fiasco is just as bad as the post-Katrina fiasco. Tens of thousands of people still have damaged homes 15 months later, thanks to FEMA and insurance companies doing whatever they want with the money we've paid all these years (and giving 10 cents on the dollar to those in dire need).......................... Voice your opinion for 3 minutes (keep it clean!) at one of next week's public hearings ------- NY, PA & NJ news media will be there -------- Tues. 2/11 at Stockton College (Atlantic County), Wed. 2/12 at NJIT (Hudson County) or Thurs. 2/13 at Brookdale College (Monmouth County). ................... Please sign up in advance to speak: http://bit.ly/SandyPublicHearings
anonymous February 07, 2014 at 05:48 PM
I wish the people could see their true power. I have seen what people can do when pissed off enough but first you got to get mad. I believe martin and a few others are just about their and It is my greatest hope that the rest of the people who have been through hell join them because in the end its not who can invite this congressman or senator to this or that to listen you must meet them as enemy's not friends. They have to win your trust and respect not automatically get it due to their position. One example of what I am trying to say just happened during the last gov. shutdown when those veterans took down the barriers and did what they thought they had to. They did not even hesitate to bring those metal barriers to the white house. They did not fear arrest and they did what they thought was right. If we all acted just a little more like they did that day things would be very different and you would finally see what I see. http://youtu.be/NA2V3pxKaGM this is a clip from that day anonymous


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