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OPINION: Stafford Township Digging Deeper Into Your Pockets

After last night's council meeting I was astonished to learn that our council members failed to tell the truth in the March 18th meeting. While it should come as no surprise to most I thought it best to share the net results of this meeting.

If you recall in last month's meeting we were told that the community centers generate revenue. Last night our mayor admitted that, "they could, but they don't. He also stated that if someone wanted to hold a wedding there or something that it could generate revenue. Funny thing though, when I called Betty Mcveay at the township, she informed me that no one could reserve the CC's unless they were an authorized group. So which is it?

Last meeting Jim Moran stated the township would be receiving $1.7M from Insurance and FEMA of which I even kidded him saying that he had a special connection. Low and behold, guess what? NO insurance money is coming. Folks do you see a trend here?

It really doesn't matter how strongly you hold onto your wallets, the township is going to have it's hands in it regardless and starting with these new community centers.
FIMF the ll April 14, 2014 at 09:03 AM
Here is an article than ran a while ago on APP. Channel 11 in New York and the shore Patches did similar coverage. The worst culprit of all was Selective insurance Co. (Service provider stooges for the NFIP). I know of several people who were denied claims with a form letter than essentially stated, "structires by earth movement is not covered by flood insurance even if the movement was caused by flooding". Doesn't really make sense, does it? Mike and others, ill try and get you the name of attorney handling this for instance. I believe it's due in court just about now: When the earth moves, insurance is denied | The Asbury Park Press ... www.app.com/article/20130822/.../When-earth-moves-insurance-denied Aug 23, 2013 - ... by earth movement even if the earth movement is caused by flood,” ... cracks a house's foundation, that damage is not covered by insurance. Missing: patch
redm18 April 14, 2014 at 09:18 AM
Why isn't the agent for the town fighting more for them? Isn't that their job as well? Do we have answers on that? Normally an agent or broker is the voice of the insured, as they are the insurance experts, especially if they are collecting a commission and/or service fee for the insurance placement. I would think they should have some involvement/responsibility. Wonder what they are doing? On another issue regarding Selective, from an informal poll of my full-time neighbors who had Selective, their policies were sold to them by a local agent without Contents coverage. I'm not sure what their recourse was to replace their damaged property, but I know initially they said they didn't have that coverage. Hope that was documented that they were at least offered the coverage and then refused it with good reason. Again, there's a responsibility an agent has to provide sound advice as a professional.
Mike Mazzucca April 14, 2014 at 10:17 AM
redm18,yes I agree. But when the agent is Van Dyke or Anderson it seems that they forget who you are. They just like collecting the commission. I would never recommend either. They are both the worst agents I have ever seen and they have -0- customer service.


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