OPINION: Stafford Township Meeting - Why Two Community Centers?


Bring your questions on why our town is approving the construction of two Community Centers. It's important that we challenge this flagrant misuse of our tax payers dollars. Folks this is the time to make your voices heard. If not, we get what we deserve, which will be higher taxes.

Mike Mazzucca March 20, 2014 at 07:52 AM
http://www.app.com/article/20140319/NJNEWS31/303190092/Stafford-council-approves-2M-bond-build-new-community-facilities Population growth in Stafford Township has been declining for the past 10 years. Last 2 years have been less than 2%. Look at the census Mayor, these are posted real numbers. You can build 10 community centers, it isn't going to bring people back. Lower taxes and transparent government, not more spending. The council seems to think that if they believe it then it's real. Pretty sad, the numbers don't lie. Thanks for the morale boost anonymous, I needed it. I didn't think I would change the outcome, but did think I could sway at least one person. No one has the brass to step out of line. All them like sheep have gone astray, each to their own (selfish) way....
anonymous March 20, 2014 at 10:03 AM
Mike have you ever thought of running for office? Mayor Mike has a nice ring to it. -- anonymous
Sim672@aol.com March 20, 2014 at 10:23 AM
I was unable to come to the meeting because I work evenings. I would really like to understand more on this issue. Mike you are helping me understand more & more about things going on. The problem I am having with all of this is first, we have bad bonds that have been put on the community to pay via our water bill. My taxes are going up and up and up. We have empty stores all over the place. I am having more and more trouble keeping up with my bills due to all prices going up. Where do they keep expecting people to pull the money from? I am a single mom I'm very lucky to be working and get child support. I by no means use my situation as an excuse. Why not take this 2 million dollars and pay your bad bonds. Give the residents a break. I can't keep paying for mistakes down the road. I work in a local eatery and I can't say to my customers oh the last guy didn't tip me right so I'm going to add it to your check?? I mean people would be outraged. I feel helpless and I feel we are bullied. How can we fix things? How do we get past the secret society of town hall? I work I pay my taxes and I want to live in a nice community. I just don't see how much longer I can hang in before I can't pay my mortgage because taxes keep going up. I may just sell my home and get out of dodge. Of course my home is not worth as much since the big bubble bursted!!
Mike Mazzucca March 20, 2014 at 10:52 AM
Sim, the average salary in out township for a family is $68k a year. If you take into consideration that anywhere from 4k to 10k of it is eaten up by taxes it doesn't take a mathematician to realize that there is a problem here. Taxes increased 18% last year. How painful is that? What did you get for 18%...ummm nothing. The council continues to state that they have reduced our bond debt each year, and they continue to do so. Hard to believe when they just passed $7.5M dollars more of spending. I would like them to show me how the debt is being reduced when spending is increasing. It has to come from somewhere, can't have one without the other. Ultimately we have to decide that the folks in office now are not good for us and then vote them out. It's not hard, but is time consuming. We have to have a better mouse trap then they do in order to convince voters that there is something better. I really don't know any of the folks on the council personally so I do not think that they are all bad per se', although there are a few. So it has to be about facts and figures in order to change the regime.


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