What about us? (Sandy Homebuyers Assistance)

The ones who live here and can no longer afford it.
I am a senior,76 years of age who has lived in Ocean County the past 20+ years. I have a balloon payment due on my home shortly and may have to sell my home to cover it and move to another state where it is more beneficial to seniors.They may pay $50,000. for a neighbor to sell his home and buy mine.Why not pay me $50,000. to stay here. My taxes are out of hand but I have never missed payment.If anyone out there could help me in my quest or have suggestions it would be appreciated.
Dirts dad September 14, 2013 at 09:44 AM
My post may have been missinterperated. I am not looking for fianancial help from individuals.I am trying to fnd out how to take advantage of a stupid program that is a waste of money. Seniors are getting screwed.


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