Accident-Heavy LBI Intersection Draws Scrutiny

Traffic light difficult to see, quick to turn red

Photo: NBC10
Photo: NBC10
If you live north of Route 72 on Long Beach Island, you likely consider it one of your least favorite obstacles on the road.

That traffic light at Barnegat Avenue and Route 72 in Ship Bottom, near the CVS store, is both difficult to see and quick to turn red. Drivers often cannot see what color the light is showing until they're nearly underneath it, and as NBC10 reported this week, drivers sometimes have as little as six seconds to drive from the Route 72 east intersection to the Route 72 west intersection on Barnegat Avenue before the light changes. That often leads drivers to speed up in order to make the light, and has made the intersection more accident-prone.

The television station reported this week that Ship Bottom officials are now working with the state Department of Transportation to improve the intersection.
mr henry May 10, 2014 at 06:12 AM
Same crap year after year and we keep voting the same people into office down here at the shore, someone will stop out and set the lights and that will be their fit til the next power outage....never a fix just alot of lip service .
CPO Rob May 10, 2014 at 06:40 AM
I agree with Mr Henry. This light sucks and causes many of the traffic problems. Same with the lights from the GSP past Shoprite. They cause the traffic problem. The problem coming on to the Island will never be corrected until the local and county government can have a better plan.


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