Cops: No Gun in Pocket, But Ice Cream in Pants

Police say man had a few run-ins with the law, woman had cool approach to shoplifting

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If a Woodbridge man did everything police say he did, he was just asking to get in trouble.

Really, really asking for it.

According to East Windsor police, the man first caught their attention when he —a bogus claim. He was quickly identified and arrested, police said.

But after he was released, the alleged incidents got a little more outlandish. The next was at a bank. According to Marc LeMieux, director of major crimes at the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office: “He said, ‘Nobody move,’ so everyone looks at him, everyone stops. Somebody starts to move and he says, ‘I said, nobody move.’ Then he walks up to the counter and he basically just tells the woman at counter, 'Here's a $50 bill. Can you make change for me?’”

And then, the man allegedly told a group of young girls outside he had a gun. Police say he didn't have a weapon on him during either incident (but he did have one in his car).

He was ultimately charged with creating a false public alarm and making terroristic threats. 

Buildings in East Windsor are still standing.

Each Monday, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs." Some of the other reports:

Am I My Brother's (ID's) Keeper? Manchester police say a man they arrested isn't who he initially appeared to be. When he showed up in court for a traffic summons, authorities discovered the man was actually using his own brother's identity—, police said.

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Baby, You Can't Drive My Car: Lawyers will tell you there are lots of ways to get out of traffic tickets. Driving off with the officer's car isn't one of them. But Hunterdon County authorities say (it's not quite clear how he got control of the cop car). The chase proceeded onto Route 287, reaching speeds exceeding 100 mph, police said. It ultimately ended, police said, when the man drove the patrol car off Route 287 into the median, slowing the vehicle—but then tried to start the car up once again, and was stopped when an officer fired shots that disabled the vehicle.

It Always Goes Straight to Your Thighs: An Ocean County woman before she was detained by loss prevention at ShopRite in Cinnaminson, police said. If they hadn't caught her, it could have become (we're apologizing in advance for this one) a cold case.


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