Honoring The Officers Who Answered The Call Of Duty

Law enforcement officers who served Stafford and Long Beach Island Communities will be remembered

by Patricia A. Miller

Long Beach Township Police Chief Angelo J. Leonetti didn't hesitate to answer the call of duty during the great March Storm of 1962.

Leonetti and two other township officials took off in a military vehicle to rescue survivors in the unforgettable three-day Nor'Easter that pummeled Ocean County more than 50 years ago.

They never came back.

Leonetti will be one of the fallen officers remembered at the 35th Annual Stafford and Long Beach Island Law Enforcement Memorial Service that gets underway at 10 a.m. on Thursday.

The Stafford Township Police Department is hosting the event at the Stafford municipal building courtyard at 260 East Bay Avenue. It will honor all deceased law enforcement personnel who have served in Stafford, Long Beach Township, Beach Haven, Ship Bottom, Surf City and Harvey Cedars.

The memorial service was first introduced 35 years ago by Chief Larry D. Parker, who served as Long Beach Township police chief before he took over the Stafford Police Department in 1974.

"Chief Parker served with the Stafford Township Police Department until his retirement in 2005 and continues to be an integral part of the annual Memorial Service," according to the Stafford Police Department's Facebook page. "All are welcome to attend to pay homage to these fine men and women who served these amazing communities."

Walter Hawkes December 04, 2013 at 07:56 AM
Funny how the years go by, memories dim' and the real stories always get muddled. A retired, now deceased LBTwp. Officer said "Leonetti and the other two knuckleheads went to Holgate to loot some houses because it was supposed to be all evacuated, and the dummies drowned". Now, truth or fiction, who knows, as all the participants are dead and gone... And there was supposedly a bronze statue or plaque for them that disappeared from the island....many years ago.... But these are all the tales that make the island an interesting place indeed. Not belittling any heroic deeds or service that our men in blue do for us.... They are on call at all times, hats off to all of them. They do in many instances, what many of us would not dream of doing..... Service above self. Their presence during the past storm was needed, and appreciated.... Thank you!


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