Number Of ATM Bank Card Frauds Increasing, Lacey Police Chief Says

Scammers have been able to access money even though cardholders have the ATM cards

An alert from Lacey Police Chief David A. Paprota

In addition to the six ATM bank card frauds reported early Monday, April 28, 2014, the Lacey Township Police Department received more than 20 additional reports (as of 12:00 Noon) Tuesday, April 29, 2014, from Lacey Township residents regarding fraudulent activity on their debit card accounts.

Residents have reported that their Bank of America ATM cards have been fraudulently used at locations in North New Jersey within the past several days. The victims in each reported incident currently have physical possession of their debit cards, yet funds are being withdrawn from their bank accounts at ATM locations in North Jersey.

PIN numbers are apparently being used to access the money through ATMs. Each incident is currently under investigation by the Lacey Township Police Department.

It is strongly suggested that residents change their PIN numbers on their debit card accounts regardless of which local bank they utilize. Early indications are that unknown subjects may have set up a system over the prior weeks to capture debit card information and PIN numbers at one or more ATM locations in town.

Residents are asked to check their bank accounts to ensure there has been no fraudulent activity. If any fraudulent activity is discovered, residents are asked toimmediately report the fraud to their respective banks, then report the matter to the Lacey Township Police Department.

The Lacey Township Police Department will be working with bank personnel to determine the method utilized to obtain the debit card information.


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