Parkway Road Conditions Poor, From Route 72 And North

Message board at milemarker 86 northbound. Credit: Catherine Galioto
Message board at milemarker 86 northbound. Credit: Catherine Galioto
Written by Patch Local Editor Catherine Galioto

Garden State Parkway road conditions are poor as the snow continues to fall.

"Poor conditions through exit 98, with snow covered parkway lanes with traffic using two lanes of the three lane roadway crawling at 10-15 mph," reports Catherine Galioto, traveling as a passenger, from Toms River, northbound on the parkway Sunday afternoon.

"Local roads and parkway ramps remain  snow covered at 2 p.m. Multiple tow trucks responded to disabled motorcycles incidents at mile 85 southbound and 87 northbound."
M A December 08, 2013 at 04:09 PM
What a joke the lite sign telling you to slow to 50mph. The top speed I saw was 30 if that! No plows and if i didn't have tire marks getting onto the parkway I would have had no idea where the road even was! 5 inches of snow dropping like bags of flour!


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