Pinewood Estates Fire Company Operations Will Be Consolidated Into Barnegat Fire Department

Pinewood Estates firehouse will remain open, according to police alert

An advisory from the Barnegat Police Department about the Pinewood Estates Fire Company:


FACT #1 -- The Pinewood Estates Fire Station WILL NOT BE CLOSED. It will remain OPEN as an ACTIVE and STAFFED fire station with needed fire trucks and equipment.

FACT #2 -- The Barnegat Township Committee voted to consolidate all Pinewood Estates Volunteer Fire Operations into the Barnegat Volunteer Fire Department for efficiency and safety reasons

FACT #3 -- As a result of this consolidation, fire service to the Pinewood and Brighton Mobile Home Park communities will be greatly improved. Nobody's safety is being compromised or placed in jeopardy.

FACT #4 -- Barnegat Fire personnel will staff the station and respond directly from the Pinewood Station to any calls for service.

FACT # 5 -- In addition, Barnegat First Aid will locate an ambulance (EMS unit rig) at the Pinewood Fire Station in order to quickly respond to any call for medical assistance.

Again, the Pinewood Estates Fire Station will NOT CLOSE and will remain OPEN and a FULLY FUNCTIONAL fire station. It WILL be staffed by Barnegat Volunteer Fire fighters along with Barnegat First Aid emergency medical personnel. Fire safety of the Pinewood and Brighton communities will be enhanced and greatly improved as a result of this consolidation.

What do you think? Do you agree with the Township Committee's decision? Tell us in the comments section below:
Mac April 11, 2014 at 06:44 PM
You do raise some interesting points Grunt. I would think the next township public meeting might be a good place for both sides to air their cases. The intensity of this sudden action and lack of public discussion have been concerning as the rumors have grown as they flew about, and reapplying funds for other matters other than tax relief being taken as a grain of salt as always, the township committee's actions have quite a bit of merit on the surface. It's the straw that broke the camel's back that needs to come to light for a more insightful judgment of the sudden disbandment/consolidation activity.
Matthew Lighbody April 24, 2014 at 11:55 PM
I wonder why the committee people allowed the sub station to remain open when during the day time it is never used? you must ask yourself why if they wanted to save money they allow the firemen to live in the fire house down town or why they purchased a $900,000 ladder truck and still has the snorkel which was on the side of the sub station covered in snow.. or why they have all these fire police vehicles with no fire police but yet they drive around for personal use or sit in the parking lot? Why they have a trailor behind the sub station sitting and rotting? why do we allow fire trucks to drive around town aimlessly when there is no call and wasting fuel? why they never sold the snorkel instead of letting it rot away? WHY they never investigate the stolen equipment from the fire houses? why they never check the response times of station 11 knowing they have response problems during the night? why they never check the books for accountability of the $25,000 in grant money they get every year and where it goes? and the list goes on.. this is just some of what the township committee does not do but yet they close a very needed fire house on 72 when they can close the sub station that is never used during the day.... Just sit at 7-11 and see how many men go to the sud station during the week from 6am to 4 pm and then ask why close station 12 that provides protection to mobile homes rather then the second fire house that sit idle during those hours... again acountability they don't have and they questions the committee can't answer..
Matthew Lighbody April 25, 2014 at 06:47 AM
My grandfather and uncles built this firehouse years ago after proving that the response time from the middle of this town to 72 was a risk and very slow. This is a political move because station 11 has an ego trip and was going to the town crying that the retirement homes on west bay ave was sending their donations to station 12... They also cried because the firefighters who had enough of the under handed and unaccountability that station 11 has when it comes to prota call so they went to station 12... You see the truth is not being told but yet they close a fire house that is greatly needed on 72... There is noway station 11 will take any of these men from station 12 because again they had enough.... I went to the Mayor and the committee people numerous times about station 11 and the way they operate and have put their own area at risk.... And if you hear the scanner at night after 11pm station 11 goes to 3 request for the calls here because they say they have to work... just pull the meeting records from 2009 and 2010 to see how many times i begged for men to come out to answer calls... I hope these people sue this town if they lose their homes or life in the mobile home parks for a decission poorly made by these men and women... Again I lived the life of a firefighter here and saw first handed the poor actions of all...


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