Surf City Parking Ticket Fears Subside With Curb Markings

Business community had lobbied for markings in 'no parking' areas

Volunteers mark 'no parking' areas in Surf City. (Photo: Surf City PD)
Volunteers mark 'no parking' areas in Surf City. (Photo: Surf City PD)
For years, business owners and residents of Surf City have been lobbying the borough to mark areas along Long Beach Boulevard where parking is not allowed, after authorities there began aggressively enforcing a state law the bans parking within 25 feet from an intersection.

The borough faced criticism over the heavy enforcement primarily because officials long refused to mark the areas where parking is prohibited, leaving residents to engage in a guessing game as to whether they've parked 25 feet away from the street end, or one or two feet too short of the mark.

Business owners often complained that their customers were receiving frequent tickets after they either didn't know the 25 foot law was in place or simply misjudged how close they were to an intersection – all because of the lack of markings.

That changed this weekend, as groups of volunteers from a local Girl Scout troop and the Surf City Taxpayers Association teamed up to mark the cubs themselves.

The Girl Scout members as well as association volunteers were busy Saturday painting the curbs yellow in the areas less than 25 feet from each intersection in order to properly delineate areas where parking is prohibited.

"The painting of curbs will not only make it safer for pedestrians to see oncoming traffic before attempting to cross Long Beach Boulevard, but will also address complaints from business owners, who saw their unknowing patrons ticketed for violating the 25 foot ordinance," the Taxpayers Association said in a newsletter published earlier this year.

The Borough Council adopted the "yellow paint plan" over the winter, the association said.
John B Taxpayer June 02, 2014 at 07:05 AM
For years Ship Bottom and Surf City screwed folks with their arbitrary, non existent parking boundaries. These were often "decided" by wannabe bicycle patrols, aka Special Police. I question the legality of all of it, as "signs and lines" need to be filed, and approved by the state. Another way we tell tourists and their money to go elsewhere. One day "Bennies go home" will occur, then let's see local businesses survive without them!
Don June 02, 2014 at 10:02 AM
Aww.. poor towns. They'll just have to do something else to extort revenue from the Bennies. 36 in a 35, perhaps? I was ticketed for 38 in a 35 in Beach Haven one summer. I told the cop, "Thanks, officer. You know, I could have killed someone driving 3mph over the limit." It was about 11:30pm, on my way home from work. Probably would have gotten the ticket even if I didn't say that to him.


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