Four-Way Stop Planned for Breakers, Compass

Also, township engineer will appear at next meeting to discuss flooding in Ocean Acres.

The intersection at Breakers Drive and Compass Road will get a four-way stop, after adoption of an ordinance at the regular Council meeting last night.

Mayor John Spodofora said the traffic stop was recommended by the township's traffic safety officer after several people were stopped for speeding at that intersection.

Ocean Acres resident Dave Taylor praised the measure, noting that people routinely "speed through" the intersection, and said adopting the ordinance was a good way to prompt people to slow down.

In other Ocean Acres news, Spodofora said at the next regular meeting, he will invite the township engineer to come and discuss a plan for resolving the flooding issues within that development.

Andwe Stillflood September 05, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Great if your a OA resident that has been living with flooding for Years.Must have a warm feeling inside knowing that the Mayor is going to invite the engineers in to tell you why your property is underwater and they will be looking into it.....Must be a Election coming soon....Just more political Grandstanding as he puts it. Dont put away your Boots quite yet.
Sal Sorce September 05, 2012 at 08:06 PM
Is it me or is there an election coming UP? Just have to sift through JS & BS ????? Almost 30-years of The Block Team and we are told the Beach Haven West water and sewer lines require replacement ... dare the mayor and council move on such a third rail of politics?? Wait until next year after the November 6th 2012 ... there should be plenty for them to reveal ... Recall The Block Team calling for a Bake Sale to help with the thousands lost due to the Ocean Acres flooding ... remember the excuses? Up to the DEP, DOT NJ Pinelands Commission? The more excuses the less we can trust these officials to run our township ... the recent arrivals are the group who can call and elect the folks they want to run things ... the broadside flyers are due to come to your mail boxes shortly ... loads of money to buy the election and the return of a solid partisan mayor and council?
michael sebexen September 05, 2012 at 09:13 PM
A four way stop at Breakers and Compass might not be a bad idea but an all way stop at Neptune and Nautilus would be a safer bet. Coming out of Neptune making a left onto Nautilus can be very dangerous because of cars speeding on Nautilus and also you cannot see over the hill for oncoming traffic coming from Barneagat. Mike Sebexen, Ocean Acres
Sal Sorce September 06, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Mermaid was on NEWS 12 ... someone sent a video ... here we go again ... gals get your baking tins ready ... surely the mayor and council will suggest a baking sale to get the thousands for those who have flood damage ... saw a FEMA alert on someone who was insured but not for the entire damage of $100K plus ... reporter found out the lady did not file an appeal ... of course that is no guarantee ... Selective and FEMA work together for flood insurance ... be sure to read YOUR policies above all do not just trust the agent ... Does the new style have life preservers hung on the new light systems? Surely a life guard would on nicely?
Lou Henry September 06, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Just finished watching the sept 4 twp meeting on the Stafford twp website. Every single person who lives here needs to watch it. Our mayor is now saying he received an expeditionary medal for combat service in Vietnam. He claims Congressman Runyan and Senator Chris Connors got his military records de-classified. Every resident needs to call their offices and ask for more information. At the March 20 twp meeting, our mayor admitted he never stepped foot in Vietnam so how does he now have this medal?


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