On LBI, Hurricane Sandy Hit Ship Bottom The Worst

New data released by the state Department of Community Affairs breaks down Sandy-related damage by municipality.

Hurricane Sandy damaged 46 percent of Ship Bottom's housing stock - the third highest percentage of the storm's housing impact in Ocean County, and the highest on Long Beach Island.

Just over 40 percent of the borough's rental units also suffered damage from the October storm that impacted more than 24,000 homes in Ocean County alone, according to an interactive map of destruction, compiled by njspotlight.com, and U.S. Census Bureau statistics (see chart below).

By contrast, the October storm damaged 27 percent of Surf City's homes; 10 percent of Beach Haven; 9 percent of Long Beach Township; 5 percent of Harvey Cedars; and less than 1 percent of Barnegat Light's homes, according to the interactive map.

In Stafford Township, 10 percent of the homes were damaged; while in Barnegat, less than 1 percent were adversely impacted.

Of those 829 homes in Ship Bottom, 39 were severely damaged — meaning they were impacted by more than $28,800, according to the data, which was provided by the state Department of Community Affairs.


  • 752 had minor damage; 38 had major damage.
  • There were 110 total rental units with damage; 44 suffered major damage.
  • 157 businesses were impacted.

Major damage includes homes that suffered $8,000 to $28,800 in damages while severe is more than $28,800.

Some urged caution in evaluating the numbers, noting the Federal Emergency Management Agency did not count every home damaged by Sandy.

"FEMA is only giving money right now to primary homeowners," said Stafford Township Administrator James Moran. "If FEMA didn't see these people, then they are not counting them. There are about 3,500 additional homes [in Stafford that are damaged] that are not recognized by FEMA because they are not eligible."

The data note that nearly 87,000 housing units were damaged statewide, and about 12,500 of those were either destroyed or sustained major damage. At least 1,000 residences were damaged in 24 municipalities in seven counties. Nearly 400,000 businesses were impacted, as well.

The DCA recently released its action plan for spending billions of dollars in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recover funds. The initial phase will provide $1.8 billion to help more than 20,000 homeowners, 5,000 renters, 10,000 businesses, as well as municipalities impacted by the storm.

The bulk of the money for storm victims to elevate or repair their houses will be reserved for low to moderate income households, however, a decision that has drawn criticism from many residents and government officials.

But regardless of the impact of Sandy, the next battle for Shore residents will be FEMA flood maps which force residents to elevate their homes or face flood insurance bills up to $31,000 per year.

The controversy is double-faceted: the maps themselves, and the fact that the federal government will no longer subsidize flood insurance rates.

Some residents have called for local governments to begin appealing the maps before the next round are due to be released this summer, ushering in a formal public comment and appeal period, though going that route is questionable, some say.

"If we're not going to be ready until August, we're missing a huge opportunity," said Ron Jampel, who founded the group Save Our Communities 2013 in the wake of the hurricane. "People are waiting, and we've had three months already to look at the maps."

Here is the chart, starting with the numbers of homes, rentals and businesses damaged in each Ocean County town, followed by the entire housing and business population:

Homes Rentals Businesses TOTAL Homes TOTAL Rent Home per capita Seaside Heights 968 961 214 1,602 1,401 60% Seaside Park 1,058 237 134 2,208 495 47% Ship Bottom 829 110 157 1,793 273 46% Point Pleasant Beach 1,058 332 536 2,518 855 42% Tuckerton 608 172 181 1,477 425 41% Bay Head 253 63 106 924 99 27% Ocean Gate 243 131 50 900 303 27% Surf City 608 55 122 2,181 385 27% Toms River 7,665 1,140 5,089 29,851 6,754 25% South Toms River 219 33 172 929 231 23% Mantoloking 120 9 29 522 13 22% Eagelswood 135 17 146 671 89 20% Lavallette 576 190 37 2,850 367 20% Point Pleasant Boro 1,170 81 983 6,794 1,537 17% Little Egg Harbor 1,469 409 564 8,945 1,379 16% Beach Haven 260 109 195 2,410 257 10% Stafford (Manahawkin, Beach Haven West) 1,301 258 1,144 12,398 1,206 10% Long Beach Township 810 198 336 8,417 799 9% Brick 2,280 378 2,693 28,289 5,388 8% Berkeley 1,556 172 933 21,391 2,427 7% Lacey 652 115 1,095 10,372 1,201 6% Harvey Cedars 64 12 55 1,179 35 5% Island Heights 23 10 105 731 100 3% Waretown (Ocean Township) 49 70 241 3,878 413 1% Barnegat 78 22 695 8,053 1,032 0.90% Barnegat Light 17 2 82 1,953 113 0.80% Manchester 199 2 702 23,059 2,830 0.80% Beachwood 15 3 242 3,361 465 0.40% Plumstead 9 2 288 2,661 406 0.30% Lakewood 11 6 3,229 4,195 7,031 0.20% Jackson 27 1 1,568 17,618 2,724 0.10%
John Eric Mangino March 29, 2013 at 12:27 PM
This a list being used again its numbers are completely inaccurate the map as well . Sorry but Ive been in most these towns Ship bottem did get hit very hard But compared to Hogate no comparison the numbers for BHW again a Myth .
Colleen Platt March 29, 2013 at 03:14 PM
John, the quote from Jim Moran points out that these numbers are only those recognized by FEMA.
KMarter March 29, 2013 at 03:34 PM
Using percentages to determine who was hit the hardest is ridiculous! Long Beach township had 8,417 homes damaged, but LBT is huge! Most of those damaged homes were in one part of LBT......Holgate! Many of which were a TOTAL LOSS! They either have to be torn down because of excessive damage or they have come off their foundations and have to be torn down because they are down the street sitting on someone else's property!! You don't see that kind of damage in Ship Bottom! What a bogus headline!
George Kasimos March 29, 2013 at 03:49 PM
If this is a FEMA list then we can assume that it is as inaccurate as the flood maps. Would like to know what the real numbers are. www.StopFemaNow.com www.facebook.com/StopFemaNow
Dawn Giovannoli March 29, 2013 at 06:57 PM
And BHW should be segmented out from Stafford so that the true impact is represented. To say that only 10% of "Stafford's" homes were damaged minimizes it, when in fact it could be that 80-90% (or more) of BHW's homes were damaged. And although it's terrific that businesses seem to be doing well with rebuilding and getting ready for the season (and I wholeheartedly support that) if the homeowers who routinely patronize the businesses are not in a position to either be working on or living in their houses due to bureaucratic delays the end result will be the same. The local economy, and housing market, is going to suffer in the short term and maybe in the long term because by the time the final ABFE's are determined both homeowners and tourists will have found other places to go...
Linda Reilly March 30, 2013 at 12:06 AM
These numbers have got to be wrong. I thought Surf City was unscaved. What about Holgate, which was devastated??? Long Beach Township, where we live, had major damage. Almost every home from the Blvd to the bay was severly damge. Where are they getting this stuff from.
1 pissed off resident March 30, 2013 at 12:59 AM
my house in BHW flooded 3 foot. no myth
John Eric Mangino March 30, 2013 at 01:57 AM
the trouble is with that map spotlight did is it includes rentals .
KRaz March 30, 2013 at 01:57 AM
Let's face it ... the majority of the homes in BHW and VH were hit ... why can't we get a better estimate? Only the homes that FEMA saw are being counted? How is that right? Pretty much every house not currently elevated had some type of damage ... it can't be that hard to count. I can walk down our street and count the houses with damage.
mr henry March 30, 2013 at 11:50 AM
The 1144 business must be all the ones getting the Moran Spodofora rate increases on thier water and sewer bills due to Sandy...Im guess all the rest of the business just are not reconized by Fema too.
John Eric Mangino March 30, 2013 at 04:23 PM
I really having trouble seeing the use this maps and list it can only hurt us ..Confussion is high enough when i saw this first posted on NJ spotlight I thought great untill I started reading the numbers every home affected needs to be on this map and we need one map period . And a Official Map Period
Skitch April 04, 2013 at 03:18 AM
My BHW house had 4-5' of water in it. So did my neighbors. The numbers are no myth.


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