Recovery Update: School Power and Road Closures

Officials have still not decided if schools will be open on Monday.

The following message from the Cranford Police Department was sent via Nixle alert on Sunday, Nov. 4:

The township continues its recovery efforts from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. We have crews working in all parts of the town removing trees and clearing streets. Unfortunately our town crews cannot work on trees that are sitting on electric wires due to the potential dangers.

The township continues to have daily calls with PSE&G officials, and we are working directly with crews in town to prioritize the recovery efforts. Over the next few days we will see more Electric crews working in town as PSE&G shifts its efforts from restoring their trasmission network to the local distribution network.

Cranford had over 6,700 households out of service immediately after the storm. At last report we still had just under 3,000 households out of service; additional customers are being restored around the clock. More electric crews are arriving and we will continue to work with them for full restoral of service.

If your neighbor's electric service is restored but you still do not have service, please call PSE&G to report that you have not been restored.

We will be adding additional tree clearing crews next week as we continue our efforts to return to normalcy.

Leaf collection will be delayed but will be worked in conjunction with tree and branch removal. Again we ask that homeowners pile branches separately from leaves which will help expedite the clean up process.

We shall continue to report on developments as we move forward together to help Cranford recover from this disaster.

The following link has a schedule from PSE&G for their restoration efforts from 11/4 - 11/6. http://nj.gov/nj/home/features/spotlight/20121103-05-2_PSEG.pdf

School Power Update

When a decision is made on school it will be sent via Nixle and Honeywell Alert an posted on the Patch Facebook Page and Cranford Patch website. The following is a list of schools and their power status.

Brookside Place School - Power
Cranford High School - Power
Orange Avenue School - NO Power
Bloomingdale Avenue School - NO Power
Livingston Avenue School - Power - NO Heat
Walnut Avenue School - Power
Lincoln Avenue School - Power
Hillside Avenue School - NO Power
St. Michael's School - Power

Street Closures as of Nov. 4

1. Springfield Avenue - Rutgers Road to Kenilworth BIvd
2. Springfield Avenue - Tulip Street to Doering Way
3. Makatom Drive - Morningside Place to Dartmouth Road/Orchard St
4. Hampton Road - West End Place to Springfield Avenue
5. Roger Avenue at Lexington Avenue
6. High Street – Hawthorn Street to Elm Street
7. Bluff Street at High Street
8. Morse Street – Denman Road to Connecticut Street
9. Concord Street – Denman Road to Connecticut Street
10. Winans Avenue – down to one lane
11. Severin Court – One way section closed
12. Jackson Drive - Commerce Drive to 55 Jackson (Graingers)
13. McClellan Street - Centennial Avenue to Cleary Avenue
14. Mohawk Drive at Raritan Road
15. Mohawk - Lexington Avenue to Osage Drive
16. Lexington Avenue - Mohawk Drive to Osage Drive
17. Herning Avenue - Dunham Avenue to Belmont Avenue
18. Riverside Drive at Normandie Place
19. Riverside Drive - Springfield Avenue to Claremont Avenue
20. Craig Place - Orange Avenue to Central Avenue
21. Linden Place - Orange Avenue to Casino Avenue
22. Central Avenue - Riverside Drive to Claremont Avenue
23. Cranford Avenue - Arlington Road to Elizabeth Avenue
24. John Street – North Avenue to Hamilton Avenue
25. Bloomingdale Avenue - Elizabeth Avenue to Haskins Avenue
26. Franklin Avenue - Clinton Street to Normandie Place
27. Normandie Place - Franklin Avenue to Claremont Avenue

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Pcisme77 November 04, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Today, on Day 1 of the "3-day plan" that goes right up against the oncoming Nor'Easter and Election Day if it works (yay right!), PSEG got. maybe, 3 of the 27 done. ZERO got done on the North Side.
Donald November 05, 2012 at 01:27 AM
You remind me of a certain presidential-candidate flip-flopper. You posted a little earlier today -- albeit incorrectly -- that the north side of Springfield Avenue, between Union County College and Kenilworth Boulevard (#1 on the above list of 27 street closures), was cleared by a South Carolina crew yesterday. Now you say, "ZERO got done on the North Side." You also are totally confused about who has responsibility for the 27 closures. It is not up to PSEG (or its out-of-state surrogate crews) to clear the roads. PSEG is ONLY responsible for the restoration of power and the safety of downed lines. According to the Cranford PD in an email sent earlier today, it is entirely up to the Cranford DPW to clear and open the above-listed 27 road locations, not PSEG. Indeed, some of the 27 road closures do not even involve hot power lines.
Pcisme77 November 05, 2012 at 03:48 AM
Funny and wrong. Stupid and anal too because it parses words and does not deal with the fundamental issue - ELECTRICITY!!. Do you have power? If yes, then go away so I don't have to waste any gasoline in a generator responding to an anal moron. You don't get it. I saw a South Carolina tree crew clear two trees on Saturday that are within 500 feet of Kenilworth Blvd. In retrospect, I did not see any PSEG crews working on the lines on the North Side. So, I did not see any PSEG crews on the north side at all this weekend. THAT'S WORSE!!! I hope that my fellow Cranford residents got power on Rutgers Road. And by the way, Springfield Avenue was still closed on Sunday. This is a huge suckfest. There were crews on Mohawk Place and by the Cranford Sports store but I don't live on the south side. No The road is still closed. I don't know why. Ask the Cranford Police Department. Also, I don't know if they got their power back. I hope so.
Pcisme77 November 05, 2012 at 03:50 AM
I am not confused about you being an anal moron.
Pcisme77 November 05, 2012 at 03:52 AM
"Actually," the above is extremely misleading. It suggests that the roads will be open which is just grand. It does not say anything about the power coming back on. Very misleading. This is about electricity and gas lines, not whether I can drive down a certain road. The two are not necessarily related, although they should be.


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