Stafford and Barnegat Served Subpoenas In Connection with Birdsall Business

Seaside Heights, Lacey, Brick and Ocean County were also served subpoenas

Officials with both Stafford and Barnegat have confirmed recieving subpoenas connected with their business with Birdsall Services Group, the Monmouth County-based engineering firm that has been under investigation by the state.

The subpoena was issued by the State Grand Jury sitting in Trenton and was served on multiple municipalities that transact business with Birdsall Engineering. 

Barnegat Mayor Al Cirulli told a Patch reporter today that he has the utmost confidence in Township Engineer John Hess, and the staff at the Barnegat office. Birdsall Engineering has been the Barnegat Township Engineer, along with the municipal water and sewer engineer, for a number of years. 

"I would trust John Hess with my life," Cirulli said, referring to one of Birdsall's engineers who does work with the Township. Township Administrator David Breeden echoed those sentiments in an email to the Patch, noting: "Mr. Hess and his local professional staff have always conducted themselves in a business-like manner and have done an outstanding job in representing the interest of the Township."

According to both Cirulli and Stafford Mayor John Spodofora, the subpoena is for documents and records pertaining to work Birdsall Engineering performed for the towns from 2008 to present day.

Both mayors noted that they will comply with the subpoenas issued by the state.

All municipalities were given two weeks to accumulate and submit the documentation.

Lacey Township received the subpoena during the afternoon on Wednesday, Aug. 22. The subpoena asks for any and all records relating to Birdsall Engineering, Township Administrator and Municipal Clerk Veronica Laureigh said.

On Wednesday, May 3, state investigators executed a search warrant at the offices of Birdsall Services Group. The exact reason for the investigation is currently unknown.

According to an NJ.com story, Birdsall did more than $28 million in business with towns, counties, the state and other public agencies throughout New Jersey in 2011. The company also donated $129,700 to dozens of Democrats and Republicans last year.

The subpoena orders the requested documents for a state grand jury in Trenton at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 6.

Other municipalities served subpoenas for their work with Birdsall include Seaside Heights and Brick. The Ocean County government also received the same order.

Sal Sorce August 29, 2012 at 02:13 PM
A few years ago when Carl Block and literally his team were beat (except for John Spodofora), I being well informed with environmental issues in northern New Jersey, spoke with an official at Scarinci-Hollenbeck ... a huge law firm located in Wall Street West complex where I had some business. They sent me a dozen packets covering their large team of environmental expert attorneys ... of course who did John Mc Menamin choose? A local from the County who actually does not have direct "environmental" experience ... go to www.scarincihollenbeck.com This firm is comprised of 43- attorneys ... but most important "Environmental and Land Use Law, Public Law, and many more are their experience not some tiny firm that has pulled the strings in our townships? Give Donald Scarinci a managing partner a call today and ask them to provide a bid on your next township legal services?
Eric Thomas August 29, 2012 at 03:51 PM
The grand jury-authorized investigation does not seem centered upon Mr. Hess. This entire affair is a vivid illustration of why term limits need to be the law of the land in NJ. We need a turnover so new blood that does not owe any allegiances to any club, group or campaign contributor can govern. Mr. Cirulli's emotional comments concerning Mr. Hess are a personal statement that is totally irrelevant to the investigation. Public officials would best serve their constituents by remaining silent until the investigation is completed and the results are made public.
Eric Thomas August 29, 2012 at 03:53 PM
The statement that Mr. Howard cites was an absolute lie. Public funds were used.
Sal Sorce August 30, 2012 at 06:06 PM
I learned quickly from my Private Sector business, it's all about PERFORMANCE ... only then can anyone or a township understand if they are receiving what they are invoiced for? Anyone ever file an OPRA request on the complete line-item invoicing from your engineering, and law firm business? I would include the several possible indirect billing that comes under other titles ... spell it all out ... they have to comply ... It's a solid way to gain the power of information ... not that our officials would be mislead us? Don't you just love the brief text in all our Ordinances, Amendments and other agendas ... brief with very few critical details ... who made up that template? The township legal services?
Capt Jacobsen Mey September 13, 2012 at 02:43 AM
Maybe the scrutiny will determine if the bid process was rigged, which kept away other potential Contractors from doing legit business with these towns that might be bedding w/ so called "contributors".....


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