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Stafford To Adjust New Water And Sewer Rates For Businesses

New formula is to be based not just on meter size, but usage as well.

STAFFORD TOWNSHIP --- Some of Stafford’s smallest businesses saw the most dramatic rate increases in their water and sewer bills last month.

In the coming months, however, the council and the water and sewer department will look at developing a new rate for commercial properties by looking at their actual consumption as well as meter size.    

The rates will be drafted into an ordinance that Township Administrator James Moran hopes will be passed and implemented before the beginning of next year.

“This is a win for the small mom and pop businesses in the township,” said Moran this week, who added getting this done quickly will help all businesses as they plan out next year’s budget.

The increases in the 2012 rates that were billed retroactively and included in recent third quarter billings created a fervor in the township with residents and business owners, who packed this month’s council meeting to express their anger.

Among them were small business owners who said the new rates were “exorbitant” and could force them out of business.  

Commercial service rates or “meter rates” are based on the size of the meter at each location, in addition to their actual comsumption rate, said Moran.

The rates are based on the size of the meters, which can run from 5/8” to 10 inches depending on the size of the pipes, he added.  

For example a one inch meter rate is $165, while a two inch jumps to $550. “The assumption is the larger the meter the more consumption,” said Moran.

More consumption normally translates in more use of the facilities assets such as pumping stations, pipes and personnell. The scaled meter rates are used to equalize the cost among all consumers, he added.

But many small businesses had larger meters then they needed installed or were in place when the business owner moved in, said the administrator. “However this created an anomaly in that these businesses have very little consumption,” Moran said.

“We have lots of small businesses that may only have a bathroom, but are on a two inch or larger meter,” said Moran. “It’s not fair to them to pay that higher rate, when their impact on the system is minimal,” he added.

Sal Sorce July 19, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Love Surf City where we residents have NO METERS ... and pay a flat rate ... face it The Block Team and their supports wanted a big township ... well now that it's here ... infrastructure and related expenses will keep us under a government run system ... What about the word going around that states that The Block Team during their failed re-election period did not pay against the huge infrastructure debt and working with the County has brought us to this point ... if I had run a private company in this manner, people would be fired ... negative things are going to make the decision on who will run this township in the future ... November election based upon national, schools, and municipal should be very interesting. Folks did not elect James Moran, why is it HE has all the comments and or excuses??? When are we ever going to see our property taxes go down ... excuses excuses excuses ... expenses are huge ... where are we headed? Tired of hearing of some town workers who have already bought their exit homes in other states ... very nice ... good salaries, benefits and pensions ...
Republicannibals must Go July 19, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Sal with all the saving your going to have from signing onto the Stafford electric company with Moran and Spodfora at the helm your ship will be coming in to and you will get that home in a far off State...
Ann Powers July 20, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Why the surprise? This is the same criticism that small business owners had when the surcharge was enacted, and they were supposed to get a correction then. This latest action still doesn't address the 14,000 gal minimum for residents ... a waste of water, esp. for seasonal residents. Someone pls. call the DEP about this WASTE of WATER.
mr henry July 21, 2012 at 11:51 AM
actually it will be in Far Far away with Shrek and the others that buy into this Fairy Tale.
Sal Sorce July 23, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Martha ... "just saying" ... YOU of all people know I own my permanent home in Stafford, YOU and a Schoor De Palma agent came to my Manahawkin, Island Woods Estate home regarding flawed drainage and Kara builder site plan issues ... you both were of NO help resolution (as expected). MY position as a NJ citizen, resident who has been fortunate enough to work without feeding off the Public TROUGH ... pay my property taxes in both townships. As a registered Republican A TRUE Conservative Republican, since 1969, without any ties to the Ocean County Machine. I find it difficult see how you keep coming on at folks who DO pay property taxes (heard you do not) so someone who does not has a lot to say about others... being a Block Team supporter for many years ... somewhat stuns me ... get a life ... "just saying" ... giddy up ...
Sal Sorce July 23, 2012 at 09:24 PM
You can check with the County for my qualifications. Since building my home here ... they under no circumstances could ever allow my to vote in Stafford. On the other hand there is questions raised if YOUR illustrious former leader is still living in Stafford??? HOW DOES THAT FIT YOUR CRITERION??? JUST SAYING ...
Sal Sorce July 24, 2012 at 02:30 PM
You are an idiot ... owning a summer home in Surf City paying much fairer property taxes under the best mayor in the county Len Connors. I consider myself legally a resident. YOU wish to use a retarded mere few words to twist your position to YOUR twisted MIND. CUT THE CRAP YOU ARE ON A MISSION THAT SHALL FAIL. PATCH IS USED FOR ISSUES THAT ARE THANKFULLY FOR MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES THAN YOUR CRAP ... I REQUEST YOU BE BANNED FROM PATCH ... ALL YOU DO IS ATTACK ... GIDDY UP ... "JUST SAYING"
Sal Sorce July 24, 2012 at 02:33 PM


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