Stafford to Plant Tree Nursery on Illegal Dump Site

Township will grow their own trees adjacent to Southern Regional athletic fields.

Township Administrator James Moran announced at last Tuesday’s meeting that the township is working to clean up approximately five acres belonging to the Southern Regional School District in preparation of starting a municipal tree nursery.

The property located beyond the horseshoe curve on Cedar Bridge Road near the district’s athletic fields is a known location of illegal dumping, according to Moran.

The administrator made the announcement after being asked about the property during the public session by resident Michael McManus, Leeward Drive, who said he jogs in the area and was concerned over the dumping.

A recent inspection of the property by Patch revealed construction debris, electronics, carpeting, car parts and an entire hot tub strewn around the area.

In a follow up interview after the inspection, Moran said while Southern Regional is responsible for the cleaning up their property, they agreed to let the township spearhead the project in exchange for it using the property as a nursery.

Sherry Roth, head of the township’s Environmental Commission, will coordinate the clean up efforts using volunteers, supported by the Public Works Department, said Moran, who added he anticipated Southern Regional will also assist in the effort.

No date has yet been set for the clean up as of yet.

“We also have been in touch with the county to help with any hazardous waste such as computer components and other electronics,” said Moran.

The Ocean County Soil Conservation District has approved the project, said Moran, who added no other county, state or federal permits are required. 

Once cleared, the nursery area will be fenced off to prevent further dumping and to keep deer and other wildlife from eating the seedlings, said Moran. An irrigation system will also be installed by Public Works, he added.

The township will receive the seedlings at no charge from the state Division of Parks and Forestry. They will later be replanted exclusviely on township and school properties when grown, said Moran.

Some of the cost of the project will be offset by the township no longer needing to purchase trees in the future, said Moran.

When asked at the meeting about the fencing by McManus, Moran said the overall area will still be open to runners and the general public, and the high school cross country course that runs through the area will not be impacted. 

Disclaimer. This Patch reporter is not related to the township administrator, James Moran.

Sal Sorce October 08, 2012 at 06:44 PM
OOP's that was 50-homes not the five ... sorry for the error ... all other data are factual been on this case since building our home in Island Woods Estates ... talk about drainage systems the sewers and plumbing dimensions are huge not a drop in our basements ...
Plunket of Barnegat October 08, 2012 at 08:44 PM
That hot tub would be a great addition for the Lower Shore Road fields. And it's in matching condition with the Lower Shore Road fields.
Harry Uberti October 08, 2012 at 10:08 PM
I have traded e-mails with the twp administrator today. He tells me that the cleanup was planned before the local resident complained, that the cleanup will be done by volunteers at very little cost to the town or the school district, and that the nursery will only take up part of that open space, leaving the cross country course intact
Kathy Frank October 08, 2012 at 10:16 PM
I think that it is a money saving idea to grow the trees that would normally be purchased for projects in our community. Although spending for this does not seem as if it balances out. Would it be possible to turn this over to the school for educational purposes. There are various educational opportunities. Students could learn horticulture through growing, planting and taking care of the trees. They could learn through catching rainwater and irrgating with that instead of the burden being on the township to put in irrigation. Students can learn about building fences, getting local businesses to donate wood and supplies. There are many educational opportunities such as enviroment, endangered species,working with the community and engineering. Children learn best with hands on, so watching their planning and hard work come to fruition would be rewarding.
Sal Sorce June 05, 2013 at 05:35 PM
It is now June 5th, 2013 and I have not seen any activity in or around the site for tree nurseries ... guess Sandy and working on township budget has kept them busy ... Moron is a total loss to this town ... how he survives puzzles me ... he proclaims to know everything, but has never put a work of evidence in writing ... Paul Shives of the former Block Team would provide me with letters with text that provided more questions ... how lovely it is to live in this township???


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