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'This Old House' Featuring Local Sandy Projects

PBS show also featuring Long Beach Island.

An eight-episode series of 'This Old House' focuses on several local homes rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. The PBS' show will first air in October.

PBS announced the show worked on an 1880s Shore Cottage in Bay Head, a 1950s Colonial in Point Pleasant, and a prefabricated new house in Manasquan. Side stories will also feature restoration projects in Mantoloking, Long Beach Island, and Ocean Grove and other local projects along the beach and the bay.

Here is the complete announcement from the show producers:

Months after Superstorm Sandy devastated shorelines on the East Coast, affected homeowners are still determining how to rebuild in a landscape of provisional FEMA regulations, delayed building permits and continued weather risks. During the anniversary month of Sandy, PBS' Emmy® Award-winning home improvement series THIS OLD HOUSE® will premiere a special eight-episode series on October 3, 2013 focusing on three sets of homeowners rebuilding in Bay Head, Point Pleasant and Manasquan, New Jersey. Along with a multitude of side stories, THIS OLD HOUSE experts Norm Abram, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook and host Kevin O'Connor will report on individual communities' restoration efforts in the heart of New Jersey's worst storm damage, and what the future holds for building along the coast.

"Our JERSEY SHORE special edition is not only timely but critical for those in need of insight for recovery," says Michael Burton, executive producer for THIS OLD HOUSE television. "Just months after the devastation, THIS OLD HOUSE is arriving at the scene to offer 35 years of expertise in restoration and do our part to restore the Shore."

THIS OLD HOUSE: JERSEY SHORE restoration projects will include an 1880s Shore Cottage in Bay Head, a 1950s Colonial in Point Pleasant, and a prefabricated new house in Manasquan. Side stories will also feature Mantoloking, Long Beach Island, Ocean Grove and other local rebuilding projects along the beach and the bay.

"I was born and raised in New Jersey," says host Kevin O'Connor. "So this one hits home for me. The locals here can't imagine a New Jersey without a vibrant Shore, so it is not a matter of 'if' they will rebuild but 'how.' We hope to highlight best practices that will resonate in other coastal communities around the country."

Abram, Trethewey, Cook and O'Connor will take viewers to the wild frontier of mold remediation, breakaway walls, house raising, and state-of-the-art pile driving. They will consult environmental experts, government officials, engineers, local builders and determined homeowners from all walks of life, to present a realistic and heartfelt portrait of a region struggling to rebuild smarter, better, and stronger, one house at a time.

"Throughout the country, extreme weather is clearly on the rise," says senior series producer, Deborah Hood. "And while you can't hold back Mother Nature, you can design and build houses and communities in a way that helps to save lives when the next storm comes. We'll follow the progress from the front lines as these special communities struggle to come back."

Featuring eight brand-new episodes, THIS OLD HOUSE: JERSEY SHORE will premiere nationally on PBS on October 3, 2013 (check www.thisoldhouse.com/tvschedule or your local listings) at the start of the series' 34th national season. Viewers will be able to watch full new THIS OLD HOUSE episodes Sundays at 7 p.m. after each show premieres at www.thisoldhouse.com/watchTOH.

In the months leading up to premiere, visitors to www.thisoldhouse.com can access exclusive behind-the-scenes videos from the New Jersey projects and other locations along the shore. And, for the first time ever, host Kevin O'Connor will be blogging at oldhousemyhouse.thisoldhouse.com. Special features, such as a photo gallery, project overviews, products and services information, and a webcam will be available on www.thisoldhouse.com. Viewers can become fans of THIS OLD HOUSE on Facebook or follow the show on Twitter.

THIS OLD HOUSE is produced by THIS OLD HOUSE Productions, Inc., for THIS OLD HOUSE Ventures, Inc., and is presented on PBS by WGBH Boston.  Vice President of Television Operations is Michael Burton.  Senior series producer is Deborah Hood.  Series creator is Russell Morash. THIS OLD HOUSE is the No. 1 multimedia home enthusiast brand, offering trusted information and expert advice through award-winning television, a highly regarded magazine and an information-driven Web site. THIS OLD HOUSE Ventures, Inc., is a business of Time Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner.

jerseyswamps May 18, 2013 at 09:08 AM
"This Old House", the mother of all home shows. And none that came after it are better.
Joey Joe May 18, 2013 at 09:27 AM
@jersey -- you are so right. I wish they would bring back "New Yankee Workshop" -- loved to watch Norm Abrams in his shop creating great stuff. He got me started with woodworking.... Nothing better than This Old House and New Yankee Workshop...
jerseyswamps May 18, 2013 at 10:28 AM
YES! I got some of his plans for projects. I built some picnic tables from his plans 25 years ago. Great design, still in use.
grace May 18, 2013 at 07:48 PM
yes glad to see this happening here..hope they do a home in ortley, bayville, forked river too!


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