Barnegat School District Welcomes New School Year

Teachers met yesterday for training

Although hundreds of children in the Barnegat School District headed back to school today, yesterday the teachers were the students, as they cracked the books on the district's recently adopted Danielson model of education.

All of the teachers in the district met at the Barnegat High School to learn how to incorporate the four main domains outlined within the Danielson model, which are centered on: planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction and professional responsibilities.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Anthony Scotto said the district adopted the Danielson model because it is the four levels outlined in that framework that will be required under the .

He said under this model, the teachers often work in groups to bring about the needed changes, and the moves within the school will best allocate teachers and groups.

The opening day in-service came one week after the controversial announcement by the Barnegat Board of Education

Although many of the teachers were new to the framework, the concept, many agreed, was something that was very familiar. Scotto said that many of the district's teachers already employ the key concepts in the framework, which is to identify each students interests and strengths, and then using that information to help the student and the class overall, succeed.


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