UPDATE: Stafford School District Enacts 'Shelter in Place,' Continues This Week

Protocol was enacted in response to Connecticut school shooting.

The Stafford Township School District instituted a "Shelter in Place" precautionary protocol on Friday and will continue this status throughout the week, according to a school spokesperson.

Karina Monanian said the protocol, which means that all buildings
are locked, everyone is kept indoors, and inside the buildings schedules continue as normal, was enacted on a suggestion from Stafford Township police.

The Shelter in Place status remains in effect for the duration of the week and students will supervised when leaving the buildings to get on the buses.

At no time were any students in danger on Friday, Monanian said.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the school district added: "Our security cameras are working and our teachers and greeters are all trained for a variety of emergency situations. In addition, we will work to lessen the fears and anxiety that have surfaced as a result of this tragic event and will do all that we can to keep our students and staff members safe."


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